The Ascended Masters

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 28th March 2011

Ascended Masters Index PageBeloved and wonderful light beings on the Earth, we the  Ascended Masters draw close to you now and share our devotional love with you. Please allow yourself to be accepting of our energy free from limitations and boundaries, know that we are here as your friends and family, we are here to love and support you completely. We will never allow you to be alone we will always be right by your side ready to guide you in whichever way we can. We are here to assist you in anchoring the sacred energies and manifestations of the Creator into the Earth and your reality.
In our two previous messages, we have expressed insights into being of service to the Creator and humanity as well as yourself on the Earth now.

We wish to continue to share our wisdom on this subject as we know and feel the great desire of all souls to be of service in whichever way they can. To know that you are supported by us and the Creator as well as emanating your love and compassion to all, is a wonderful blessings for the Earth but to truly be of service you must begin to understand and comprehend the true meaning of the Creator's love, to know, to feel and to realise it within you. It can take a whole lifetime to truly understand what the love of the Creator is but it is through your pursuit of this understanding that you will be of service to others. By seeking the love within you, you are allowing a pathway of realisation to unfold before you which will reunite you step by step to the mighty soul of the Creator. Each step that you take you are anchoring more light into your being, enhancing your expression of truth, allowing your energy systems and chakras to clear and awaken more fully, as well as discovering more about yourself on a physical and a spiritual level. The desire and intention to feel and experience the love of the Creator attracts to you numerous events of growth, if you are willing and understanding then you will notice that your intent encourages the development of your spiritual sensitivity, greater awareness and a deep but gradual awakening of love from within you.

Your desire to hold love within you and to share love with others as they share their own Creator love with you, this is being of true service on the Earth.

If every person is holding within them the desire and intent to be love, to know and truly understanding the love of the Creator, then this manifests as a powerful invocation created by humanity to welcome the energies of the Creator more fully into and onto the Earth. Even more than this it invokes the Creator within each person to activate, making the personality and mind aware of its true existence. An intent, feeling or desire has more power than words and so humanity is calling forth their God or Creator self from within them to take control of their reality, to be present, alert and active upon the Earth. We can imagine that this would create such a tremendous transformation on the Earth as it would mean that all are aligned to the Creator at all times, everything manifested or created by humanity would hold the very essence of Creator truth. Violence, fear, hatred, crime and all negative behaviours or actions would begin to diminish because humanity would develop a new found respect, honour and love for each other. Each person would learn to be kind and loving to themselves and to treat every other soul on the Earth in the same way. A true and loving transformation and integration with the Creator has the opportunity to manifest with the simple intent of humanity to wish to discover the source of love within their beings.

We realise that an individual's pursuit, search, quest and detection of and for love is a tremendous service to all of humanity because an opening or channel for the love of the Creator is being created. The individual also begins to see themselves in a new light, discovering themselves as positive qualities therefore, being able to recognise these qualities within others. We realise that the love of the Creator is always present when we learn to recognise love with greater abundance within our reality and the people around us. Then we are manifesting a reality of love for everyone to experience. There are qualities of love within others you can recognise within yourself. For example when you recognise the quality of joy within yourself, then you recognise it within another, they will then recognise the quality of joy within themselves. To recognise a quality of joy isn't to only acknowledge joy in people when they are laughing or having fun but to see or feel it as the very essence of their being as an energy that is constant and vibrant.

Everything that you do in meditation, spiritual practices, with your intentions and loving actions throughout the day influences those around you as well as enhancing your own spiritual growth. When you meditate you are not only meditating for yourself but for all of humanity, for all that is the Creator on the Earth and inner planes.
Know that you are being of service at all times through your simple desire to connect with the Creator. Many people ask us what their purpose is, we say to you that you are already living your purpose now you are already being of service; you just have to realise and believe this.

Something even more powerful than holding the intent to discover the love of the Creator is to understand what love truly means. This is not a physical love but a spiritual Creator love, although once you have grasped the way in which the Creator loves you then this will become a physical love that can be expressed upon the Earth. To understand love means that you have to understand the loving energy within you, what it means, its vibration, colours, intent, the way it acts and reacts, its lack of attachment but simple compassion and oneness with all. It is to know the loving source of light within you so well as if it is a friend that you have been in contact with for years. You know their desires, dreams, habits, patterns, you know them inside out. To know the energy of love within you so deeply brings such a sense of contentment, security, freedom and power because you understand what you are capable of, what you can manifest and that you are supported constantly. It is essentially like living on the Earth when your best friend is a super hero. Super Heroes usually want to save the world but your friend the Super Hero wants to save and support you and your reality. This is the energy of love within you. When you can understand the energy of love within you then it is far easier to express and much easier to see within others. You will begin to notice the same energy of love within others helping you to understand your unity with all.

Imagine if you and others on the Earth were going about their daily routine knowing and holding within their hearts and minds what love truly was, essentially it is truth of the Creator, then this would be such a tremendous service as you would be acting as an example of love for others. It would be like holding the book of Creator love within your heart, you would be able to scan through this book for information and knowledge whenever you needed to, but you would also know the book off by heart. Your knowingness of the source of love within you would constantly guide and inspire you thus manifesting your God or Creator self on the Earth.

To understand the love within your being you can contemplate how the Creator loves you, asking yourself
In which way does the Creator love me?
Why does the Creator love me?
How does the Creator love me and express love to me?
Why am I loved whatever my actions on the Earth?
How does the Creator's love make me feel? Are these feelings true or are they a product of lack of love?

There are so many questions that you can ask yourself, with patience, intent and the simple realisation that each question may lead you on a path or exploration and learning, you will begin to gain an understanding of the love of the Creator that naturally exists within you being. Through your quest you are being of service to humanity. You will also learn to love others as the Creator loves you. In your reality on the Earth you can ask yourself daily how the Creator would deal with the reality you are experiencing, this helps you to think without limitations.

Remember that your true intent to discover love and your gradually expanding understanding of love is allowing you to be of service to humanity at this very moment as well as being of service to yourself. It doesn't matter which path way you choose, which technique you practice, it is your intent and understanding of love that will act as an invocation and activation of the Creator presence within and around you.

Your dear friends and family,

The Ascended Masters

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