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Channelled through Natalie Glasson 13th March 2011

Ascended Masters Index PageBeloved souls upon the Earth, we the Ascended Masters, send our unconditional love and blessings to you now as we come forward with devotion to assist you in being of service in your current reality. To be of service is to be helpful to others and the Creator while you are in your current position of existence on the Earth. You have a tremendous power and one day you will realise that your light, intentions and loving energies can easily create transformations, solve problems and bring energies or situations into balance. As we come forward to share our wisdom with you, now is the time to believe in yourself and how you can truly be of benefit to the Earth and its humanity. There is a powerful reason and purpose that you are on the Earth now and it is to radiate and anchor the light of the Creator.

The Earth vibrates at a slower speed, it needs a person of a similar vibration, such as someone with a physical body, to filter or anchor the energies into the atmosphere of the Earth. It is also important to realise that the light within your physical being is the transformational light of the Creator, when radiated it can alter the vibration of the atmosphere around you thus allowing greater and higher vibration of the Creator's light and love to manifest. You are essentially the anchor or point of creation on the Earth. We, the Ascended Masters and the Creator will always support, love and guide you, but the creation of the reality that you experience develops from your being, mind and energy systems. You are the paint brush that designs and expresses your reality as you wish it to be. Your energies are linked with all of humanity; together as a group you paint the reality that you wish to experience as a civilisation on the Earth. The creations of previous generations also affect your creation and can either limit or liberate the reality that you and humanity create.

When negative situations occur on the Earth they are usually a creation of past negative energy that has not been address or released appropriately. If you imagine that you have experienced a negative situation in your reality which causes fear or feelings of sadness and darkness, if you do not address, release and cleanse these energies they can cause illness or pain in your physical body or create a reoccurring pattern until addressed. This is the same for the Earth, the unconscious thoughts and negativity of humanity can build, if they are not addressed or cleansed by humanity this can create a negative situation on the Earth. We must always remember that situations can appear negative to the human mind, but all circumstance hold a positive outcome and have a true purpose of learning and growth for all involved. This can be hard to accept but when you allow yourself to see beyond the limitations of the Earth you will know that everything is a lesson of love, a lesson to dissolve all energies, experience and situations that cause lack of love and to amplify love in its purity on the Earth. Many lessons are present on the Earth with a simple purpose to encourage humanity to be more loving, compassionate and giving of their inner sacred light. Most lessons aid humanity in opening their heart more fully to reveal the loving presence of the Creator within. As you look at your own reality and the circumstances occurring on the Earth, you will know in your heart that this is true. If every lesson was approached with this understanding then you would find that many life lessons would become easier because you would have the tools to move through them with strength and much healing would occur within your being, reality and on the Earth.

Every hardship in your life, small or large, is encouraging you to open your heart to reveal the love of the Creator within.

Life can be seen as joyous and tremendously rejuvenating when holding this perspective, but in accepting this truth you are being of service to humanity and the Creator because with each experience in your reality you are awakening more love from within your being, knitting it into your reality to create yourself and reality as a sacred space on the Earth. As this sacred space moving around on the Earth, you are naturally activating and inspiring others to manifest their realities as a sacred space of love and peace. You can imagine how the Earth would be affected if everyone poured love from their hearts constantly as they moved through their life.

We also begin to notice that because of each person's quest for love and humanity's joint quest for acceptance and realisation of the Creator's love many make sacrifices to assist and support the development of others. Through their sacrifices, they guide others to discover a deeper sense of love within them but the person or people who make the sacrifice also discover love just in a different way or path. It is important to realise that humanity are essentially working together to bring forth a greater discovery of love on the Earth. For this reason, you must honour and bow to every person on the Earth, because they are either teaching you to reveal the love of the Creator within you or you are inspiring them to do so whether the experience that manifests this process appears as positive, neutral or negative.
We wish to share with you a technique or method that you may focus upon in order to be of greater service on the Earth. This method can be used during disasters or turmoil upon the Earth or to aid healing and a solution of love in your own reality and circumstances. This is a simple practice but it triggers a great expression of love and compassion because it is developed from humanity's natural instinct. This process of healing and support is to imagine that you are embracing all of humanity, the circumstance, your own reality or a single person in your arms. It is as if you are existing as your spiritual/ soul self and are embracing all in love, your spiritual or etheric arms are encapsulating the people or situation, enveloping them in the purest abundance of love.

Allow yourself to sit peacefully in meditation.

Invoke your guides and angelic beings to surround you in their love and support.

Ask to activate from within your heart and soul, your true loving, healing and compassionate self.

Let this energy or source of light from within you manifest more fully, taking on the form of your body.

Acknowledge yourself as your true self, sitting in radiant meditation.

Think for a moment on the situation, people or person you wish to support in love, light and healing.

Be thankful for the lessons that you are learning through this experience now as a radiant being of service and because of the circumstance in your physical reality.

Then imagine a great flow of light surging within your being, imagine your arms reaching out and encapsulating the people, country, circumstance or person in your light arms.

You can see your light and loving energy melting into the area that is in need of healing, support or upliftment. You can feel transformation occurring and a solution developing. You are adding a connection for those within your embrace with the Creator.

Feel the compassion, love and light extending from your heart chakra and know in your heart that you are love and you love all. You can say words of support to those within your arms.

Imagine the light and love then flowing into the Earth where the people, person, situation is in existence, this helps to ground the healing into the physical vibration.

Then imagine that you release your arms and sit for a moment as your true self.
When you wish to complete this process simply allow your own light to flow into the Earth, this is to allow you to benefit from the energy that you have created also.

This is a wonderful and powerful practice because it is humanity's natural reaction to hug or embrace a person who is suffering or in pain. The embrace allows an exchange of energy and offers support; you can achieve the same on a spiritual level which is powerful as it dissolves all impurities and negative vibration to anchor greater volumes of light.

We hope that you will practice this in your own time as it will assist you, humanity and the Earth tremendously.
Remember to realise that every situation on the Earth or within your reality has manifested to dissolve lack of love and to awaken the presence of love.
Your dear friends and family,

The Ascended Masters


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