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Channelled through Natalie Glasson 7th March 2011

Ascended Masters Index PageMost beloved and treasured souls on the Earth, we honour you now, we honour all that you are and all that is the Creator within you. We bow to you for your devotion, your dedication and the darkness you are walking through to become light once more. We understand that the walk that you are taking now through the lessons of the Earth may be hard and painful, there may be times when you feel so alone or unable to continue but please know that we love you so much. We, the Ascended Masters know every step of the walk home that you are making and we love completely with every step you take. We know you as our friend and will never abandon you or any other on the Earth, we are here to cradle you when you are down and to rejoice with you when good fortune manifests.

We truly honour you for the life that you are experiencing on the Earth and we simply wish you to know that we are here for you, whatever your experience we love and support you absolutely. Remember that you can always find the light of the Creator within you but if this is not yet possible then you can find the love of the Creator within us and we will share our light with you, as if we were offering you a candle of hope, until you learn to light or strengthen your own candle and flame of light.

Call upon us and we will make a circle of light around you, we will each light a candle of love and hope within our own energy and radiate it as support for you. There is no need for you to ever feel alone, we are here as your friends and as your family. Trust in us we will guide you eternally, we will strengthen your soul so that you may experience true liberation and freedom on the Earth, manifesting as the magnificence and loving vibration of the Creator.
In a world that is changing, you and those around you are also changing. New energies are emerging while old energies are falling away. This can lead to confusion, a feeling of insecurity, fear and loneliness. Many people on the Earth wonder if they are alone in their perspective of the Earth and their devotion to the Creator, we hear your thoughts. It may seem in your reality as if you are the only one who is holding a torch of light but please believe us when we say that there are many of you all over the Earth. Even those who you believe to be focused upon the physical aspects of the Earth may be holding their touch of light but simply concealing it until they feel courageous enough to let it shine free from fear. As change occurs, you will see the thread of light that is akin to your torch of light flowing through your reality and the realities of others. Change can create confusion but the process of confusion brings balance, it allows you to discover your inner strength and a place of peace within your being. A period of confusion is needed to encourage humanity to focus upon the balanced energy and stillness of the Creator that exists within like a sanctuary or a retreat.

Change is the energy of transformation, it only brings forth a positive understanding of oneself, reality or the Creator. To see change as a negative experience or outcome is to focus upon illusions and to miss the truth that is being revealed.

When change is occurring within and around you, it is important to understand where you must place your focus. We, the Ascended Masters are here to help you in any way we can, to lend our light, to offer our guidance, to divinely intervene when needed, to love you unconditionally or to simply accompany you as you walk through the journey of life. This is something that we wish to make you aware of you, you don't have to go through your spiritual and physical experiences alone, we are here to be with you. In times of change and confusion it is important to simply hold on to a sense of love and balance within you, we can help you achieve this if you ask us to, simply ask during meditation and we will step forward to work with your energies. You can call upon us as the Community of Ascended Masters or the Great White Brother and Sisterhood of Ascended Masters. If you simply wish us to sit with you or to transfer our energies, we will.

There is a need for you to find a practice that makes you happy, that helps you feel aligned with the Creator and brings peace. This method can be as simple as an affirmation, mantra, a visualisation, breathing, a colour of light or memory (focus only on the feeling rather than the circumstances.) If you can experiment and discover a small practice that can be achieved anywhere, then you will hold a tremendous tool of reconnection, of remaining balanced even when confusion or change is afoot. Sometimes it is our minds that can be confused and so it is always a beneficial idea to have a practice that you can execute to bring your mind back to a state of clarity and understanding. We do not wish to share with you techniques as we wish for you to discover them for yourself, when you discover the practice it is more personal and meaningful for you, therefore, more powerful. You can ask your soul or intuition to guide you or simply have fun experimenting with different ideas. Remember you are a creative, loving being.

We also wish to remind you that when you focus upon the Creator and the qualities of the Creator this will bring you into alignment and balance, which essentially means that it allows you to hold the truth and to heal yourself. You can simply declare your love for the Creator or your love for yourself as the Creator. To declare your love is a symbol of surrendering to the Creator asking for the divine will and love of the Creator to envelop you. To declare your love for yourself as the Creator energises your own inner power, wisdom and truth, allowing these to unfold with ease from your being to support and guide you forward.

Simply knowing that you are not alone and that you have the Ascended Masters as your friends and family, developing a small and short practice to rebalance and realign yourself to the Creator and declaring your love for the Creator will assist you in remaining balanced, in a state of love and peace while change and confusion occurs around or within you. We so wanted you to understand this as we realise that these three simple focuses throughout your day would make a tremendous change to your vibration, helping you to remain at one with the Creator and your soul. They would also combat any loneliness, insecurity or fear you may be experiencing.

We wish to remind you that as you call upon us to support you, it is important to remember to call upon like minded and like vibrational light beings on the Earth to enter into your reality. Very often humans exist on the Earth with a feeling of loneliness but they forget to ask for those of similar vibration on the Earth to connect with their being and reality. It is usually the case that a like minded person is close by but because neither of you have asked to make friends with someone of similar vibration, you have never met. When we ask it is important to remember that the will of the Creator will determine the connections you make but you could have a network of light beings on the Earth to share your experiences with, if you simply ask. When we invite light beings of human form into our reality through our prayers or thoughts, it can often give our soul an opportunity to create new lessons and experiences of growth to aid our development as well as allowing us to collect new wisdom. It is important to be thoughtful and aware when asking for new people to connect with; you must consider what you are actually asking for when you say that you wish to connect with like minded people as these people will be a mirror to your own mind. Alternatively you could ask for someone of a high vibration of light with similar spiritual interests as you. What we are emphasising here is that there is a need to be precise in what you ask for or to simply give your request to connect with people holding and recognising the light of the Creator up to the will of the Creator to attract whoever the will of the Creator guides. It is for you to decide the method that is most appropriate for you. We make you aware of these methods because the level of understanding recognised within you can determine the best way for you to manifest, follow your intuition.

In many ways it could be seen as your mission to ask for the most appropriate like minded and like vibrational people to enter into your reality to aid and develop your spiritual growth, because when you make new connections on the Earth you are spreading more light. Each time two people holding a torch of light connect even if they only speak for a few minutes, their light is enhanced and the environment around them benefits from the light also.
This is the first part of our communication addressing being of service, we will come forward again next week to bring further insights into being of service while existing on the Earth. We believe that we have offered you much to think upon over the coming week. Please know that we will be with you always at every moment of your day. Please also accept that you are worthy and deserving of this.

We have also supplied a meditation to assist you in connecting with our energies and feeling our support and love for you.

Your dear friends and family,

The Ascended Masters



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