Wisdom for Growth Capsule  No 187

Self-Healing with Your Original Essence

Discover the truth of your essence, who you are as a spiritual being and access your personal healing codes bringing them into manifestation

With Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael shares his energy and wisdom with you to support you in experiencing self-healing. He wishes to empower you to be able to instigate healing from the essence of your being into your physical body, emotions, mind and reality. Through the goal of accessing your self-healing ability and personal healing codes, Archangel Michael guides you to connect into the very essence, truth and core of your being. It is within the truth of your being that you will discover your personal healing codes bringing them into manifestation within your being and reality for your experience. Archangel Michael wishes to liberate, empower and inspire you to be the creator of your existence upon the Earth. This is a beautiful meditation that will not only support you in accessing your immensely powerful inner healing energies, you will also discover who you are a spiritual being, as well as enthusing your connection and awareness with your core and essence. Let Archangel Michael guide you deep within your being to create the transformations you desire.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 44 mins Audio  – £4.50 

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