Sar’h Ashram

(Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene)

Sar’h is the daughter of Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene, she was born as a synthesis of her parents to retain the high vibrations all obtained and experienced in that lifetime upon the Earth. It was her purpose to continue the light and ascension achieved by her parents and to further activate the Christ Consciousness within humanity and the Earth. She is the Keeper of the Holy Grail Ascension Codes sharing them and activating them within you when you ask her to. Sar’h is also a pure manifestation of Divine Innocence and can awaken your awareness of your own Divine Innocence. You can connect with Sar’h as a child or as an Ascended Master, however you will be overwhelmed by her adorable nature, powerful healing and purity. She is a representative of the Christ Consciousness and Goddess vibrations.

Sar’h Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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