The Road Less Travelled- Observing Full Being Transformation With the Andromedans

The Road Less Travelled-

Observing Full Being Transformation

With the Andromedans

Christ Consciousness and Star Light Merge to Create Powerful Transformations.

Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson

From the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK.

2 Day Recording = £19

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For many years Natalie has conducted Christ Consciousness workshops at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury the Heart Chakra of the Earth. This has built a powerful foundation and energy whirlwind of Christ Light which is the Love of the Creator in action. Now it is time to access and use this great volume of Christ Love to act as a fuel and battery for creating full being transformations within your being while supporting the manifestation of the Era of Love upon the Earth.

The Andromedans, one of the most evolved civilisations assisting the Earth’s ascension at this time, wish to bring forth their knowledge, insights beyond illusion and light technology to guide you in creating transformations within many levels of your being, from your physical body to your galactic self to further align you with the truth of the Creator and your purpose as a soul in the ascension process of the Earth.


The Andromedans will offer specific practices to further continue your transformation beyond the workshop while encouraging you to connect with certain energies in the Universe of the Creator to aid your remembrance of yourself as a true source of Creator light. The key process they wish to encourage is your observation and acceptance of your full being, especially beyond the physical form, downloading this awareness into your current existence.

Using the foundation of love already grounded in the Chalice Well by such beings as Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Master Jesus and many more, the Andromedans will support a powerful boost in the Earth’s, humanity’s, your love quotient and embodiment, anchoring new templates of love to serve the Earth in its coming years of transformation. It’s time for the Earth to realise that one of its most sacred energies is the Christ Consciousness, the Andromedans wish to use this sacred energy to create powerful shifts to support yourself, the Earth and humanity.

What is asked of you in the coming years of Ascension? The Andromedans wish to share their insights while anchoring preparatory energies to aid your alignment to all you are.

It’s time to transform, to merge, embody, utilise the Christ Consciousness, as well as accepting the support of the Universe and star beings creating further unity with the Creator’s Universe. Two energies, the Christ Consciousness and Star Beings merged with your own create a powerful trinity that can create planetary, solar and galactic shifts.



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