Workshop Recording – The Return of Atlantis for 2012
Guided by the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

From the Chalice Well Meeting Room, Glastonbury,

Mp3 files in a zipped file.

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The Celestial Beings are calling all Atlantean beings to join together in oneness, love and truth to create a magnificent beacon of light upon the Earth to be shared with the Earth and heart chakra of the Earth. In the past your mission of achieving spiritual freedom, bliss and grace upon the Earth was terminated but now you have reached an evolved state of consciousness which offers you the opportunity to heal the patterns of Atlantis, realising that you and humanity are firmly grounded into a successful ascension process that will only create unconditional love and the realisation of truth on the Earth. The arising of the spiritual heart within each person and the evolvement of technology presently on the Earth signifies that energetic patterns from Atlantis are still embedded into the Earth and consciousness of humanity. You are being called to unite your energies once more in service to each other, the Earth and ascension to accelerate the Earth’s vibration and imprint sacred qualities and vibrations into the Earth’s consciousness from the cosmic levels of the Creator’s universe. As an Atlantean you have the power to dissolve all reoccurring patterns from Atlantis, creating a new understanding and experience of ascension for all on the Earth thus assisting in creating an era of love, unity and oneness upon the Earth. You have the power to assist in the return of the sacred cosmic consciousness of Atlantis to the Earth now while experiencing and anchoring the present day sacred vibrations emitted from the Creator. At a time when an abundance of energy is being activated and anchored upon the Earth we ask that you allow yourself to be beacons and channels of light to support all the necessary shifts within your being, for all upon the Earth and the Mother Earth herself.

The Celestial White Beings call you once more to unite with their energies in their sacred Atlantis Ashram to bathe in the cosmic vibrations of the Creator. The Celestial White Beings exist from the 9th to the 12th dimension of the Creator’s universe, their energy is entwined with the Earth and they have supported the Earth’s ascension since its creation. They now return to the Earth to share this most sacred time of ascension with you, to inspire a deep awakening within your being and to accelerate your ascension process. There are many people who visited the Celestial White Being Temple during the time of Atlantis for advanced spiritual awakening; the Celestial White Beings come forward to fulfil a contract made with you that they would return to support your quest for your truth at this time, furthering the awakening they shared with you in Atlantis. There is much energy and consciousness that the Celestial White Beings wish to share with you as a gift to expand your awareness and assist you in fulfilling your mission on the Earth.

The Celestial White Beings wish to share their wisdom, love, healing and high vibrations with you while guiding you in connecting on a deeper level with all that is the Creator. They wish to guide you in anchoring sacred templates of light and crystals from Atlantis into the heart chakra of Mother Earth to allow the light of the Creator to burn brightly upon the Earth.

Surrounded by the sacred Chalice Well gardens you will have free admittance to the gardens during break and lunch time. At the end of the workshop Natalie invites anyone who wishes to join her to climb the tor for further activations and channelling at the top of the tor. This is weather permitted and each person must take full responsibility for themselves while climbing the Tor.

Amplify your energies, receive cosmic vibrations, healing, upliftment and allow yourself to be of service in accelerating the ascension process on the Earth as Natalie channels and guides you in meditation and toning to awaken the divine within your being and recognise your magnificence.


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