Yogi Babaji

Channeled through Natalie Glasson - Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I bring forth and demonstrate to you, unity to activate a greater sense of strength within your being,
I bring forth and demonstrate to you, peace to activate a greater sense of serenity within your being,
I bring forth and demonstrate to you, discipline to activate a greater sense of devotion within your being,
I bring forth and demonstrate to you, joy to activate the innocence of the Creator within your being,
I bring forth and demonstrate to you, contentment so you may express divine gratitude from within your being,
I bring forth and demonstrate to you, the existence of being, so you may find your pathway of enlightenment and mastery, allowing it to emerge from within your being,

I Babaji, bring forth and demonstrate to you the way of the Master because you are already walking this pathway with ease.
These energies I bring forward with an open heart, soul and being, with a clear mind and an aligned consciousness. What is mine is yours and I give to you willingly for you to experience and acknowledge within you the freedom of mastery. I wish to demonstrate to you only what is within your being that vibrates as the divine Creator, as oneness and truth. Let us together cast aside all unneeded energies that cause distraction; let us exist as a pulsating living source of light together in supreme joy. It is my mission to bring forward and demonstrate to you the divine simplicity of your being and your reality; it is through your acceptance of simplicity that you will accept the sacred complexity of the universe and all that is the Creator.

I wish to bring forward and demonstrate to you the path of mastery so that you may strengthen with greater confidence and courage the pathway you have chosen to travel upon in order to return to truth. Mastery is a process of recognition, to recognise or see yourself as I, the Masters, Archangels and The Creator view your being there is simply a need to devote yourself to recognising yourself more fully with each day. There is a need for you to make space in your reality for the walls of illusion to tumble down and your essence to grow in strength and power. When I speak of space in your reality, I am not only talking of time in your day but also clearing space in your mind for you to be simply as you are. The mind greatly influences the many energy bodies of your being; if the mind is chaotic then your energy bodies will be filled with distracting energies, thoughts and manifestations drawing you away from the path of mastery. I ask you to find time in your day to build the presence of space within your mind and, therefore, clear and cleanse your energy bodies thus creating simplicity and allowing recognition of yourself and mastery to unfold. I encourage you at this time to devote yourself to meditations, sacred words or breathing to create space in your mind and, therefore, your reality for the divine Creator to enter into, existing harmoniously within your being and reality.

There is a window of energy beginning now for the next twelve days which will act as an amplification of your mastery. It is the energy of tremendous peace that is being reflected onto the Earth with a mission of heightening consciousness and vibrations. The peace is being directed into the mental body and mind to bring forth the Creator's energy of truth as well as dissolving fears and old consciousness. During this window of beautiful opportunity you have the chance to create more space within your mind and being; your creation will be amplified by the energy wave of peace thus allowing a greater transformation within your being. With the combination of peace and the space you create you will open within you an additional window allowing you to recognise yourself more fully. You will be able to recognise yourself as the Master that you are allowing for a greater familiarity to blossom. It is for you to anchor your self-recognition into your being and consciousness, therefore, altering your perspective as well as heightening your thoughts.

During this time of sacred recognition and the reflection of peace onto the Earth, many people will find they are able to let go of old consciousness that may have been limiting or hindering their mental body and reality. Again this will clear more space for the soul and inner truth to emerge and be within all beings. It will also manifest a distinct change in the general thought patterns of humanity as a level of fear will peel away to allow an igniting energy of faith to emerge, faith in oneself and in the Creator. This is a preparation for the further ascension of all.
The vibration of peace will be reflected from many ashrams, planets and stars on the inner planes onto the Earth creating a great source of peace that combines many vibrational levels. If you allow yourself to align with the vibration of peace coming forward and devote yourself to creating space within your mind and mental body, you will discover you can integrate many if not all of the vibrational levels of peace being reflected at this time. This would signify a powerful release of illusion from within your being and a magnified experience of alignment and attunement with your truth and the Creator. Remember your truth is the Creator, everything is one.

Please follow your heart and inner guidance as to how to connect with the reflection of peace, drawing its energy into your being. Simplicity is always the greatest tool, and intention a powerful action. Please also be aware that by simply allowing yourself to accept the reflection of peace from the inner planes on this occasion is not enough, there is a need to develop a devotion to creating space within your mind and mental body, therefore, your reality. This is also a need to activate your devotion to recognising the divine master within you. Rejoice in the experience of becoming familiar with the divine Master within your being, allowing all aspects of this sacred energy to be explored, understood and express with tenderness and gratitude. With the focus upon acceptance of peace, creation of space and recognition of your inner master and path of mastery you will allow yourself to blossom in loving support.

My message to you is sent in the presence of simplicity so there is little more for me to say, but my heart swells with love and will share with you now all that cannot be shared through the limits of language. I believe myself to be true to my word, read my words of introduction to you at the beginning of my communications, these are true and real. I bring and demonstrate to you unity to create strength, peace to create serenity, discipline to create devotion, joy to create the innocence of the Creator, contentment so you may express gratitude, the existence of being so you may find enlightenment and mastery, the way of the master because this is already your truth. You may also wish to read my words at the beginning out loud and know that you are achieving the same for humanity. You may wish to call me forward during quiet time to work with your energy and to demonstrate to you the energies I have spoken of so you may activate, ignite and recognise the same within your being, recognising yourself as a Master.

One of the greatest lessons in recognising the master within your being is to realise the same within others when you see the master within your being you will view it in others. When others view the master within your being, you will recognise the master within you more fully also.
With divine simplicity and love,

Yogi Babaji

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