Reaching For Enlightenment Understand, Grasp And Reach States Of Enlightenment To Aid Your Ascension!

With Lord Buddha, Planetary LogosReaching For Enlightenment with Lord Buddha

Recorded Online Workshop Webinar Channelled through Natalie Glasson
Part 1 – 1hr 18mins Clearing Restrictions in Preparation for Enlightenment
Part 2 – 1hr 22mins Exploring the Meaning of Enlightenment
Part 3 – 1hr 18mins Enlightenment and Your Ascension Process
Lord Buddha brings forth this new set of three webinars to share his simple but profound teachings from his role and perspective as Planetary Logos. Lord Buddha holds a deep vibration of expansion, pure wisdom and a profoundly loving vibration, sharing and connecting his energies with yours he wishes to guide you in acknowledging a deeper understanding of your ascension process and pathway. Buddha wishes to assist you in activating and acknowledging your powerful tool of intuition so you may study your ascension process and pathway to understand the roles, purposes and processes that are evolving from within you for your current lifetime. Buddha wishes to support you in mapping your way forth so you may understand the next stages of your ascension more clearly thus feeling more at ease and comfortable in your ascension in this New Era of Love.
In order for your intuition to be more active within your reality and to truly demonstrate to you the map of guidance for your ascension, Buddha first wishes to work on dissolving all that diminishes your faith in yourself, your power and your spiritual abilities. In truth Buddha wishes to release all that holds you back from connecting with your inner wealth, stream and source of enlightenment and divine inspiration. Experiences of enlightenment and divine insight are your divine right, there is no need for you to look outside of yourself for answers unless you truly realise that your outside reality is a projection of your inner reality therefore holding immense treasure.
Lord Buddha wishes to share with you the true meaning, experience and purpose of enlightenment in this New Era of Love, allowing you to more fully recognise it in your reality and spiritual practices. With Buddha’s simple practices and guidance, he will create the energetic vibration for you to enter into states of enlightenment and insights if you permit and allow yourself to.
Let Buddha guide you in clearing all that restricts you from being your true spiritual and amazing self, let him lead you into states to access enlightenment and insights, as well as increasing your perception and connection with your intuition and guiding inner vibration.
Buddha wishes to support and assist you on your ascension process now as well as sharing his knowledge and the vibrations of the planetary level.

Recorded Audio Part 1  Clearing Restrictions in Preparation for Enlightenment with Lord Buddha 1 hour 18 mins

Recorded Audio Part 2 Exploring the Meaning of Enlightenment with Lord Buddha 1 hour 22 mins

Recorded Audio Part 3 Enlightenment and Your Ascension Process with Lord Buddha 1 hour 18 mins

£15.00 for Three Part Webinar

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Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha is currently acting as Planetary Logos, this means that he oversees the vibrations and the spiritual education of all on the Earth and the planetary level of the Creator’s universe. The planetary level is the closest vibrational level of energy to the Earth. Lord Buddha replaced Sanat Kumara in 1994 as Planetary Logos.
Buddha is an Ascended Master who has experienced many lifetimes upon the Earth now existing as a Galactic Master. This title recognises the levels of initiations he has moved through as a soul.
You can call upon Buddha to oversee your spiritual education and mission on the Earth, supporting you in gaining an enlightened awareness. You may also visit Buddha’s Planetary Ashram in meditation by simply holding intention, this will allow you to meditate with the Twelve Buddhas who assist Buddha himself.

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