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A Prayer of Support During Turbulent TimesA Prayer of Support During Turbulent Times

Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

When suffering, pain and cruelty manifest due to circumstances seemingly beyond my control,

Whether within my being, reality, the lives of others or catastrophic circumstances within the world,

I know the Earth is surrounded by millions of loving supportive healing Angels,

I know that powerfully loving supportive healing Angels embrace each and every person,

Especially those causing pain and those experiencing pain,

I know that powerfully loving supportive healing Angels embrace my loved ones, friends and animals,

I know that powerfully loving supportive healing Angels embrace me too allowing and encouraging me to be the bright strong healing light that I Am,

Protection, Love and Healing surrounds us all eternally,

Despite the fact that I feel helpless and want my world and the world of all to change so love, truth, kindness and peace are the core values of every being,

I accept that there is a divine purpose for everything that occurs,

I know that there is a greater plan beyond my vision which results in all people experiencing love and healing,

Even though circumstances can cause me to doubt and move into a space of fear, I know within me the truth of my words,

I open my heart and express an abundance of love, healing and compassion to all who are suffering in this moment,

I know that my expression is powerful, touching the lives of many creating hope, healing and transformation,

Every person on the Earth is embraced in my love and healing now,

I embrace myself in profound love and healing because I know that if I remain in a state of love and peace this will anchor deep into the Earth acting as a beacon to light the way for many, even those who I do not meet,

To those who are hurting precious people on the Earth I send my strongest compassion,

May they realise once more the love and truth that exists within their beings,

May their minds be cleared of pain, conflict, negative power and negative influences of the ego,

May they be open to healing so that they understand that pain does not change the world, love does,

Beloved Creator please bring us all into your light, let us see your light within us, this I know will transform the Earth forever.

Thank you and Let it be so.



A Prayer of Support During Turbulent Times

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