Personal and Ascension Energy Template Healing and Rebirth

With the Andromedans and the Master of Energy Template Work

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Your entire being from your physical body, auric field and chakra systems holds Energy Templates. The reality you experience and create around you and within you is a product of Energy Templates which you have accepted, formed, and embodied. Some Energy Templates were anchored within you before your



birth, others have been created and attracted by you. Other Energy Templates have been altered or damaged due to traumatic experiences or a drastic change in perspective. When you learn to work with the Energy Templates that form your entire being and reality you can heal Energy Templates that are creating disharmony. As well as create new Energy Templates that manifest your body and reality in a way that serves your divine experience, fulfilment, and ascension on the Earth.

It is time to discover the Energy Templates that impact your body, reality, experiences, and ascension. As you become aware of your personal and ascension Energy Templates you will be able to bring healing where it is needed as well as birthing new templates to serve your current existence. You will be guided to work closely with a specific guide who is a Master of Energy Template Work. This guide will support and guide you as to how to work with Energy Templates as well as working through you to create powerful transformational shifts to aid ascension and fulfilment. Thus furthering your understanding of Energy Template Work. 

You will delve deeper into your inner knowingness to discover what you really need, want and dream of now, as well as gaining a new understanding of where and how healing is needed. This is a very powerful and impactful four-part webinar series that will guide you to create powerful shifts on many levels of your being.

Join the Andromedans, the Master of Energy Template Work and Natalie for a new way to create your being and reality that empowers fulfilment and the experience of the truth of the Creator.

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Part 2 – Recording Available

Part 3 – Recording Available

Part 4 – Recording Available

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