New Earth Ascension Blueprint Decoding

Advanced Blueprint and Multi – Dimensional Ascension Shift Breakthroughs and Incarnations for the New You and the New Earth

With the Celestial White Beings and Master Yeshua

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Thursday 7th May 2020,  Recording available

Monday 11th May 2020,   Recording available

Thursday 14th May 2020, Recording available

Monday 18th May 2020,  Recording available

You have the potential and opportunity in this moment to exist as your Multi – Dimensional Self in a new world unfolding on the Earth. Multi-Dimensional Ascension Shifts are taking place throughout the entire Universe of the Creator, it is a time of powerful transformation, new realities, and intense awakening. Your Multi-Dimensional self is emerging to become a part of the new world, offering you greater spiritual understanding, tools, and skills. Your divine self is awakening from its chrysalis and emerging as a butterfly expressing the beauty of the Creator. For your Multi – Dimensional Self to truly anchor into your reality and being it is appropriate to explore and work with the New Blueprint gifted by the Cosmic Council of 12. The Blueprint is a new pathway and existence for humanity and the Earth due to humanity reaching a high energy level and embarking on releasing fear. While the Blueprint will take several years to fully unfold within your being and on the Earth, distributing its wisdom and guidance, its energy can be accessed now and embodied.

This is a time of new breakthroughs, ascension developments, light incarnate and accessing fulfilment. With new energies anchoring there is immense support from the inner planes making this the ideal time to explore yourself, the Blueprint for the New Earth and your ascension now. The Celestial White Beings and Master Yeshua wish to take you on a journey of understanding:

· How you can decode the New Earth Blueprint to aid your own reality and ascension.

· How to ground your Multi – Dimensional Self and benefit from its presence.

· Advanced techniques to aid and create the breakthroughs and incarnations you wish to experience on the Earth.

· Downloading and decoding the Blueprint on behalf of humanity and Mother Earth.

· Discovering the Multi-Dimensional shifts from the inner planes influencing the Earth and your being now.

· Establishing and embodying your new enlightening pathway forth on the Earth.

· Discover what has changed within you, what needs to be empowered, and what needs to be released.

· Anchor and explore the new high vibrational energies the Blueprint are bringing to the Earth.

Join the Celestial White Beings, Master Yeshua and Natalie to discover more about the New Earth Blueprint, your Multi-Dimensional Self and how to exist fully now on the Earth.

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Part 1 - Thursday 7th  May 2020

Recording Available

Part 2 - Monday 11th  May 2020

Recording Available

Part 3 - Thursday 14th  May 2020

Recording available

Part 4 - Monday 18th  May 2020

Recording available

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