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Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsThe Crystalline vibration is so powerful in its anchoring into the Earth and your being now, your entire body is altering to exist and vibrate as the Crystalline vibrations. You are already composed of crystal, your bones are made of collagen, which is a protein that forms the frame work for a type of calcium phosphate called Apatite Crystal.  The crystals within your body are supporting the anchoring and embodiment of the energy of the Creator, while also aiding the continuous heightening of your energy vibration.  The Crystalline consciousness wishes to transform the vibration of your bones so that they are aligned with the pure Crystalline frequencies which will aid the embodiment of your soul.

Sound works beautifully with the crystals within your physical body as sound can program, balance and heal your entire being. The sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls alters the vibration that your cells oscillate at. When an aspect of your body or aura is unwell or you experience discomfort then it is important to understand that this area is not vibrating in harmony with the rest of your being. In order to feel healthy and filled with vitality there is a need for all of your cells to oscillate harmoniously. The sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls can penetrate your cells causing all of your cells to adopt the vibration of the Crystal Singing Bowl. This means that your body is creating one harmonious sound and energy which can create healing as all disharmony is dissolved due to the Crystal Singing Bowl engaging your body and invited all areas to vibrate as one. This coupled with a focused intention is a powerful healing and tool for manifestation. The Crystalline energies and beings are so important in our realities now and can bring forth such great healing and inspiration.

I was attracted to the Crystal Singing Bowls because I have powerful and strong memories from Atlantis of existing in my own temple as a High Priestess on the Northern side of Atlantis with many Crystal Singing Bowls which I played often to heal myself and others as well as maintaining the high vibration of the temple and the Celestial White Beings who anchored into the temple.

I wanted to share with you what I call my current Crystal Singing Bowl Family, which comprises of five beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls each with a specific purpose, vibration and sound. They work beautifully and harmoniously together and sound magnificent. If you are attending any of my future workshops, you will be able to experience my Crystal Singing Bowl Family for yourself.

Crystal Singing BowlMy first Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled a Divine Feminine Crystal Singing Bowl. It is a Platinum bowl stimulating the Divine Feminine, relieving stress and depression and aligning the intuitive emotional body. It is a super harmoniser and balancer. It has a calming, steadying, grounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. I feel the bowl holds the Celestial Goddess Vibrations and is connected to the Celestial White Beings, my soul group. The sound of the bowl resonates with the crown chakra which supports in opening the crown chakra to the divine.
I affectionately call this bowl Little Bowl because it is so small compared to the others but very powerful.

I then was drawn to an Ultra-light Frosted Quartz Crystal Bowl. It is a quartz Crystal Bowl of Crystalline sound, resonating with pure white light. It plays a subtle tone that gently massages blocks up to the surface. The sound is connected to the Celestial and Angelic levels, with the feeling of being embraced by Angelic wings. The bowl is connected to the heart chakra and shares deep celestial love.

After only having this bowl for two months it broke through an accident that was obviously meant to be. The bowl broke into many pieces but lucky it was able to be mended which is called being reborn. The bowl still has scars from when it was broken but is now more magnificent and powerful than ever, its vibration seems to have heightened. Due to the bowl breaking and being a heart chakra vibration I affectionately call this bowl Broken Heart. It seems a sad name I know but I suppose I identify with the bowl, I have had my heart broken several times and the bowl inspires me to know that a broken heart does heal and is stronger and more magnificent than before. Sometimes our heart chakra has to feel as if it is breaking to allow it to expand and open wider to receive and give love abundantly. The bowl has been through a rebirth journey which is the same as all of our hearts, I feel the bowl connects with the parts of our hearts that fear or hold scars from love, gently healing them.

Unfortunately a year or so later the bowl broke once more, this time I was not upset in the same way as I was the first time, I felt that the bowl through its breaking was completing a cycle within my own heart chakra allowing old cycles to be erased eternally. I do not feel the need to support the rebirth of this bowl once more as I feel it has service its purpose. The spirit of the bowl sacrificed itself to support my own healing and ascension especially at a heart chakra level. I now have a new Heart Chakra White Crystal Singing Bowl which was gifted to me, this bowl is much more robust which I feel symbolises the greater strength of my own heart chakra.

crystal singing bowlMy third Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled an Emerald Bowl.
The Emerald Bowl blends heart and grail energies through the heart chakra from divine realms of loving intention and wholeness. The Emerald Bowl is a tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing, helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Self purpose – centeredness, emotional balance, courageous, compassionate living from one’s Life Core. It is power-packed with love, helping the physical heart and emotional body release imbalances, challenges and feelings of unworthiness. When I connected with the Emerald Bowl I was playing Broken Heart Bowl and I felt the bowls pull together so I knew that the Emerald Bowl was to work with me. The Emerald Bowl actually taught me to play the other two Bowls and encouraged me to understand their importance in my reality.The Emerald Bowl has an Emerald being which is present when playing the bowl. You can give an intention to the Emerald being and it will not only support your manifestation of the intention but offer guidance on how you can manifest your intention.

My fourth Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled Violet Bowl as it is the energy, frequency and consciousness of the Violet Flame of Transformation anchored into the Planetary Level by Master St Germain. The bowl emanates and resonates with the mantra, ‘I Am That I Am,’ symbolising that it encapsulates and enhances all that is the Creator. This bowl is formed with Titanium. When I first held the bowl in my hand and played it, my entire body began to shiver and shake, I felt its powerful energies of purification, cleansing and transformation flowing throughout my being. I felt as if I would drop the bowl, however I realised that I resonated with the bowl and that it had powerful healing energies which would serve me and those attending my workshops. Violet Bowl expresses the sound of the heart chakra and so emanates a powerful love wave as it erases all unneeded energies bringing forth a beautiful healing and divine awakening.

My fifth Crystal Singing Bowl is formed of Smokey Quartz Crystal and emanates the sound connected to the third eye chakra. This bowl promotes positive mental and spiritual thinking and the art of staying grounded and balanced. The bowl aids  creativity and planting one’s roots in the rich soil of the Earth. It encourages centeredness, joy, cooperation and clarity acting as a powerful anchor as well as aiding inner visions during my workshops for those attending.

Join me, Natalie, at one of my OmNa Channelled Workshops in London or Glastonbury to experience these magnificent healing bowls.

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