Mother Earth’s Upgrade and Divine Synthesis with the Inner Planes

Support Mother Earth is raising the vibration of her planet and all being to instigate a merge with the Creator’s Universe

Access the new frequencies of the Earth, Universe and ascension download

With the Celestial White Beings

Video and Audio Channeled Webinar Channeled through Natalie Glasson

In this Masterclass you will work closely with Mother Earth as guided by the Celestial White Beings to initiate a three-part upgrade, activation and instigation that will benefit the anchoring of new energies into the Earth from the Universe of the Creator and ascension process. Mother Earth already holds intentions of how this upgrade of the planet Earth and all who inhabit her will impact all. She wishes to invite you to share your sacred vision, essence and intentions for the Earth to co-create Mother Earth’s upgrade with her. This is a transition of tremendous growth, emergence and illumination not only for Mother Earth and her civilisation, for you as well.

The Phase of Integrity

 In Part 1 you will co-create with Mother Earth and the Celestial White Beings the uplifting, boost, advancement and healing of Mother Earth as a whole soul and physical being. Her energy vibrations will be shifted and aligned to new dimensions to allow her inner essence and truth to blaze with ferocity, power and intensity. This will allow for new frequencies, wisdom and truth to unfold and flow freely from Mother Earth’s core as well as creating deep seated healing where necessary, so all may benefit.

The Phase of Oneness and Unity

 In Part 2 the Celestial White Beings will guide you to co-create and facilitate with Mother Earth a synthesis, merging and collaboration with the Universe of the Creator. Many different aspects of the Universe of the Creator will share their energies, revealing their truth to Mother Earth so she may link into and align with their frequencies. This will create a bond of unity and oneness that is immensely strong between the Earth and the inner Planes which will allow for veils of illusion to fall away and a fusing of new light frequencies with the Earth.

The Phase of Purity and Growth

In Part 3 you will support the integration of new frequencies, vibrations and the bonding of the Earth with the Universe of the Creator into all dimensions of Mother Earth. The Celestial White Beings will encourage you to recognise the purity of the new upgraded Earth and the growth that can manifest through the greater synthesis of the Earth and the inner planes especially within all beings.                                 

Join Mother Earth, the Celestial White Beings and Natalie to be a valuable part of this tremendous transition of integrity, oneness, unity, purity and growth for all.

Benefits of this Masterclass: Deeper connection and collaboration with Mother Earth, receiving celestial vibrations and wisdom from the Celestial White Beings, opening yourself to new ascension energies, being of service, enhanced connection with the inner planes, being a part of the ascension shift Mother Earth is moving through.

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