Mother Earth Ashram

Mother Earth is the spirit, soul, consciousness and Creator expression which inhabits the Planet Earth, the Earth is her body. Seen as a divine feminine and Goddess energy she has the purpose of nurturing, nourishing and supporting all life forms and humans in existence upon the Earth. She has many names such as Gaia, Mother Nature and Mother Goddess. Her spirit and consciousness is ever present, she is like the breath of the Earth and her light can be found throughout the nature world as she oversees all the nature kingdoms, deva, spirits and elementals.

Holding the intention to anchor your energies and the light you receive from the Creator into Mother Earth creates powerful experiences of grounding. You can call upon Mother Earth to co-create healing with you for the Earth, people, animals, nature or any aspect. This sacred Goddess has divine wisdom, understandings and insights to share especially concerning healing the Earth and existing in harmony with the Earth. When you call upon Mother Earth she will always be present to support you.

Mother Earth Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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