The Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 5th May 2008

Unicorn KingdomGreetings to all beloved manifestations of the Creator on the Earth, we honour, love and respect you sending our light to your aid now to enhance your inner light and remove limitations from your life. We come as the unicorns in unity and as a community from the higher levels of the spiritual world; we are of same energy vibration as the angelic kingdom; we too hold a vast heart swelling with love for humanity. We are your helpers, your guides, we are here to lead you forth, search for our bright shining light that emanates from our energy horns at our third eye, this is our beacon. When you truly believe in our energy and invoke us to assist you in your life, you will feel the energy force and attraction of our beacon of light pulling you forth along the correct spiritual path for you.

Each of you have a special unicorn that you can invoke to assist you in your lives, you can also visit the unicorn kingdom on the inner planes of the spiritual world to gain a deeper connection with us, unicorns. This can be achieved by simply asking us to transport you to our kingdom either during your sleep state or during meditation. We are present and offer our support, energy and wisdom to all of humanity. This is our main mission of today's message; we come to share the love and energy of the unicorn kingdom with you. Open your hearts to us now, invoke us into your lives and allow our energy to surround you in a blanket of love; we are here as supportive guides for all of humanity. Please don't doubt our energies or power because we form a shape of an animal, it is our appearance that symbolises our connection with Mother Earth, the animal and elemental kingdoms. When you open to our energies we can re-energise your being with cosmic and high vibrational light, we will deepen your connection with the beloved soul of Mother Earth and help all to see, sense or understand the light being helpers who assist Mother Earth and care for nature.

We are carers for nature ourselves, we not only guide humans but telepathically speak with the horses manifested on the Earth, they are beloved souls, we are always there to guide them when they call for our assistance, needing courage or strength to cope with their realities on the Earth. This is a mission that we the unicorns hold close to our hearts as most of us have lived as horses on the Earth, we understand the growth process involved and the initiations that need to be overcome.

Now as we open our hearts to humanity, we offer a special meditation or visualisation that we believe will assist all in anchoring greater light into their beings and into the Earth. This visualisation can cleanse your chakra systems and your crown chakra especially; it can begin to build a channel of light above your head or can purify your channel of any unwanted energy.

First gain a meditation state of being, focusing on your breathing, allow yourself to relax.

Then invoke a team of unicorns to surround you in a circle, some of your unicorn guides may also be within the circle. The team of unicorns stands facing you, their coats emanate the brightest white colour of light while from their energy horns at their third eye a multi-coloured energy swirls into the air around you, surrounding you in white and multi-coloured energy. Focus on breathing the energy the unicorns emanate into your being, imagine yourself being engulfed in the love and light of the unicorns. If you can’t feel any energy or sensations on your body then ask the unicorns to intensify their energy and to channel it into your being, keep asking until you are aware of their presence.

With waves of energy from the team of loving unicorns sweeping through your being, ask them to unite and to channel their energy into your crown chakra. The unicorns will move close to you, gathering the tips of their energy horns together so they meet just above your crown chakra. A blaze of white energy will flow up into the heavens from the place that their horns meet; this light will purify all your higher chakras and higher aspects of yourself. The unicorns are focusing their minds on cleansing, so allow yourself to focus on being receptive to their light. A second blaze of light will allow the white light to begin to flow down into your crown chakra at the top of your head, down your chakra column and into the core and soul of Mother Earth. The light of the unicorns continues to flow up into the heavens and down into your being at the same time.

Simply continue to focus on your breathing and enjoy the sensations of pure white light running through your being, removing any negative energy or unwanted energy, as the white light dissolves it instantly.

Once you feel cleansed or the cleansing process is complete, thank us, the unicorns and ask us to step back. Even when we have returned to the unicorn kingdom our energy will remain within your being, you should feel energised and rejuvenated by our light. You can also try this visualisation or coloured energy into your being instead of the white energy; this is an energy that combines all the important rays of light from the Creator's universe. This meditation can be practised every day.

We hope you will invoke our energies to aid and enhance your spiritual growth on the Earth,

Our blessings and love remain with you always,

The Unicorn Kingdom

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