Lady Pallas Athena

Channeled through Natalie Glasson - Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Lady Pallas Athena is a Goddess with an Ascended Master Consciousness of high vibrations working as the Chohan or governor of the twelfth ray of light, which is an extension of the golden Christ Consciousness energy. Her aim is to anchor the energy of the Goddess and the Christ Consciousness into the Earth to aid the development of all. This is a special communication and expression from Pallas Athena to allow us to combine our soul energy and her support, sharing it with the divine source of the Creator as an expression of gratitude and a call for greater acceleration in our spiritual paths.

Pallas Athena, I invoke your loving presence to stand by my side, lend me your support, love and divine light so that I may be a warrior of light as you are. Pallas Athena, I accept with an open heart, open soul and open mind the droplets of golden light that come forth from your soul. Allow me to experience your golden energy as it merges with my soul with great intensity, let me embody your courage as a warrior of light and your love as a nourishing and caring goddess of the Creator's light. Anchor your divine feminine qualities into my being so that I may gain a balance of my masculine and feminine energies, ensuring that both are focused within the light.

Pallas Athena, I bring forth your divine goddess energies and ask you to anchor them into the Earth to assist Mother Earth at this time of healing, cleansing and awakening, support her soul with the same love that you now share with me. Honour Mother Earth and teach me to respect and devote much of my time and efforts to working with Mother Earth and building a deep everlasting connection. As you share your golden droplets of light with me, pour your golden energy into Mother Earth, let her exist in harmony, peace and safety and let us as her inhabitants understand the magnificence that is present within her being and everything she manifests onto our land. With your wise enlightened mind and soul help us to understand how we can heal and appreciate Mother Earth, working with her as our companion rather than reducing her to a victim. Pallas Athena, permit us to gain the same loving and compassionate connection that you hold with Mother Earth. Pallas Athena, I ask you to surround our Earth in a blanket of your golden light, anchor love of the purest kind from the ashram of the Christ into every heart and soul on the Earth whether they are human or animal, plant or mineral. Share your love with all that we as a society judge and cause suffering to and assist all light workers on the Earth to embody your empathetic and loving body of light, so that we may act as warriors of light following your example. Assist in allowing the golden energy of the Christ consciousness in anchoring and integrating with every soul inhabiting the Earth, let us live as the Creator wishes us to, in peace, harmony and love. Remove the influences of the ego and free our souls so that we may live as our truth in a physical body. Most importantly teach and guide us to love each other as manifestations of the Creator's light. We honour you for your services to us and humankind. Pallas Athena as I open my energy and soul to you now, pour the golden energy of your soul and the Christ consciousness into my being, let this flow be continuous and eternal, anchor the very core and source of the Creator into my being and onto the Earth. Let us see and experience the divine and loving world that exists beyond the limitations of this physical world.

Pallas Athena assist me in loving myself unconditionally, as you love me and my guides love me, help me to freely allow the presence of my soul to anchor into my being and life so that I may become a master of my being and evolve beyond this planetary level. Pallas Athena, I ask you to guide me forward with your bright blazing light, lead me and humanity to become united as one with the source of the Creator. Pallas Athena I honour, love and respect you for your presence and guidance in my life.

May I honour the divine within you. This is a blissful gift direct from the soul of lady Pallas Athena, she offers this to all as a tool of spiritual growth, helping us to respect our planet, its inhabitants, our divine souls as manifestations of the Creator's light.

Lady Pallas Athena

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