Blessings Be Earthlings, it is the Arcturians who have come to greet you today, as a mass consciousness, we have never communicated through this vessel before so it brings us great excitement to speak with you today. We are light beings, we have our own planet named Acturus and starships that we use to visit and work with our students and the souls that invoke us on the Earth. Our energy is of a light vibration and we hold advanced technologies that work on behalf of the Creator’s light. Our technology is to assist the evolution of every being on the Earth and throughout the universe. We are likened to ascended masters in our energy vibration and our actions but we haven’t existed on the Earth as you Earthlings do, and nor are we from this universe, we are from a universe beyond yours. You may think this to be impossible but as you have awaken you have realised that you are not alone on the Earth, you will become aware that nor are you alone in your universe. The vastness of this possibility is difficult to understand while on the Earth, but as you grow spiritually you will accept this piece of information and discover much more.

We must stress that we are positive loving beings of the light, we mean you no harm so please do not hold any fear of us or what you are not familiar with. We would like you to experience our energy, it is a powerful cosmic energy that can transform your being and accelerate you long your spiritual path.

Gain a meditative state and focus on your breathing, reinforce your protection and invoke Lord Buddha the planetary logos and your guides to over see our work. Invoke the Arcturian light energy to surround your being and charge you with light. Then simply sit and absorb our energy as you would if you were focusing on an Archangel or an ascended master. We are beings of the Creator’s light and so will surround you in love and positivity. Allow yourself to experience our energy; you may feel sensations on your body, a change in temperature or a zinging feeling all over your body. Simply breathe into the energy and enjoy its presence. Sit in our energy for as long as you feel comfortable, then open your eyes and ask us to withdraw our energy if you wish.

We are hear to assist you now, to accelerate your spiritual evolution by offering our unique technology, these are not harmful machines that you are accustomed to on the Earth but awakening and healing tools of the highest vibration. We wish to offer you our light quotient building technology. To evolve spiritually you must absorb  as much light as is possible into your being, the more light that rests or flows through your body and aura the quicker you will open and develop your soul light and its divine skills. Light is a necessity on the Earth and on your spiritual evolution path.

Simply invoke the Arcturians overseen by Lord Buddha and our guides to charge you with their light quotient building energy, this will constantly flow throughout your day but you may need to re-invoke the energy to ensure you are still connected. This is a powerful energy so if it becomes too much then ask the Arcturians to decrease the amount of light they are sending into your body. You can also visit the Arcturian ship during your sleep state overseen by Lord Buddha and your guides to continue with your light quotient building. On board the Arcturian’s starship are many wondrous chambers such as a healing chamber, an ascension chamber where you are charged with the energies of ascension. You are able to visit these chambers during your sleep state, if this appeals to you then ask to be taken their by your angels overseen by Lord Buddha and your guides.

We hope that you will take us up on our offer for we long to assist humankind in ascending and growing spiritually. Please do not allow your fears to override your decision.


Blessed be


The Arcturians

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