Master Hilarion Ashram

Master Hilarion is an Ascended Master who oversees the fifth ray of light of the planetary level. Master Hilarion and the fifth ray of light assist in the exploration of science in all forms, he combines the wisdom, will and divine plan of the Creator developing it beyond limitations until new truths and understandings are born. Not only does Master Hilarion aid scientific projects upon the Earth but works to bring spiritual truth to all scientific forms. On the inner planes Master Hilarion aids the exploration of spiritual science which is to bring forth new insights and tools to aid ascension and connection with the Creator. The fifth ray of light supports a deep exploration of the soul thus encouraging expansion and understanding of the soul.
Call upon Master Hilarion if you are having difficulty with a scientific project, wish to anchor a more spiritual vibrations into any form of science, wish to access new tools and insights or wish to connect further with your soul.

Master Hilarion Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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