Master El Morya, First Ray Chohan Ashram

Master El Morya is the overseer of the First Ray of Light. He is a soul who has ascended from the Earth through journeying through many lifetimes existing as Abraham, father of the Jewish Race, and as one of the three wise men who travelled to the birth of Jesus. He assists the Manu Allah Gobi in his work with the spiritual and Earth governments as well as understanding and distributing the will of the Creator at a planetary level. He distributes and assists many in working with the sacred qualities of the first ray of light such as enhancing courage, confidence, determination, strength, bravery, action and focus. He will aid in accessing and understanding the will and divine plan of the Creator for your own reality, for the Earth and the universe of the Creator. You can call upon Me to assist with the integration or enhancement of any of the above qualities or to assist you in recognising the divine will and plan of the Creator and your soul within you, integrating it into action within your life.

Master El Morya Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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