Manifesting a Planet of Love - Mother Earth’s and Your Love Embodiment InitiationsManifesting a Planet of Love –  Mother Earth’s and Your Love Embodiment Initiations

An Intensive 1 h 30 mins of Love Embodiment Initiations

Feel Yourself Soaring with Love

With Sapphire of Venus and the Venus Beings

Online Course Webinar Recording – Running Time:  1 h 51minsWebinar Recording – Running Time:  1 h mins
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
Unique Price for this 1 h 30 mins Webinar = £12.00
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The sacred and deeply loving Venus Beings come forth with Sapphire of Venus to guide you in experiencing synchronised Love Embodiment Initiations with Mother Earth. They wish to guide you through many exercises and practices to support your greater embodiment of love as well as Mother Earth’s embodiment of love. The Venus Beings will encourage you to work closely with Mother Earth’s soul and essence to manifest and download the pure love energy of the Creator creating shifts upon the Earth. The purpose of your work together is to support the Earth in becoming the new Planet of Love.

When you enhance and develop your embodiment of love you experience a greater oneness and unity with the Creator, support your entire being in healing, exist in the divine flow of the Creator and create fulfilment in your reality. When Mother Earth boosts her embodiment of love every part of the Earth begins to shimmer with love allowing anything not aligned to love to be healed, released and erased. There is tremendous healing to be achieved with the body of Mother Earth and her humanity, this can only be achieved through the power and presence of love.

It is time to recognise the power of love. The Venus Beings wish to guide you through a number of love initiations with their pure loving energy upon their sacred planet of Venus and upon the Earth. These initiations will allow you to accept a key role in the manifestation of planet Earth as a Planet of Love.

Bathe in the blissful vibrations of Venus Love, discover the next stages of your ascension and how you can be of service to the Earth and her humanity.


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