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Mahatma Cosmic Logos Ashram

There are six main levels of the Creator’s Universe which are represented by a colour of light and overseen by a being of light. Each overseer of these six levels is titled a Logos. Mahatma is the Cosmic Logos and overseer of this translucent expression of the Creator.  The Cosmic level is the closest vibration to the core of the Creator and therefore is a true expression of the Creator.

Mahatma is a consciousness which comprises of 352 levels of Creator consciousness spanning throughout the Creator’s universe. Mahatma is often represented by a turquoise light and can also hold the title of Avatar of Synthesis. Mahatma can support you in synthesising with the Creator of the Creator, exploring the Creator within you, accessing different and diverse levels of the 352 levels of consciousness and well as bringing forth healing and awakening.


Mahatma Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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