Residential Retreat with Natalie GlassonCotswold Residential Channeled Retreat

Where: Cotswold Park Barns, Cirencester, UK

Date: Arriving  2pm Friday 19th October, leaving 2pm Monday 22nd October 2018

With: Natalie Glasson

Number of spaces available: 16

Love = Power Retreat

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Shifting into full love embodiment and claiming the infinite power of the Universe of the Creator in your own world.

Heal, embody love, claim your infinite power, channel love and power yourself and deepen your connection with self and the Creator!

You are a being of infinite love and power channeling through you from the Creator, to be distributed to all on the Earth. You are already mastering loving yourself unconditionally, an awareness of when you diminish your power and when you need to empower yourself. The Love = Power Retreat wishes to guide you in more fully experiencing and claiming the infinite love and power of the Universe of the Creator with a new level of awareness, navigating you to higher levels of your ascension.

The Celestial White Beings, Lord Buddha, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi and many more wish to guide you in exploring the love available to you in the Universe of the Creator, discovering how claiming the power of the Universe of the Creator can shift your being, body, mental attitude and reality into accelerated divine awakening. When you accept both love and power as your source and essence you realise the treasure of wisdom, knowledge and divine enlightenment that is merged with your divine presence and is available to you now. For so many civilisations there has been a battle whether internally or externally among people between power and love.  Love is often seen as powerless while power is perceived as negative and harmful. Within the Universe of the Creator and within the essence of your being love and power are equal, one and harmonised, it is from the source of love and power that the truth of the Creator can be fully appreciated.

Love = Power Retreat with Natalie GlassonMany of you may have experience the disempowerment of your love and separation from your power in this lifetime or past lifetimes, this will be discovered at the Love = Power Retreat. With healing brought forth through your being and from the Universe of the Creator to restore the pure presence of the Creator within you. You will be guided to experience processes of releasing old blockages and patterns that hinder you in moving to the next level of love and power embodiment. You will be encouraged to explore the purpose of your love and power, how you can be an expression of these harmonised energies, and the impact this would have on your current life. Together we will download templates of love and power into Mother Earth supported by the elementals and nature kingdoms to create a constellation connection between the Earth and the Universe of the Creator to promote a cosmic shift. This cosmic shift will take place on the inner planes, impacting Mother Earth and her reality sharing a dispensation of sacred insights to awaken all into a deeper alignment with the Creator’s love and power.

What to Expect Each Day

On Friday 19th October 2018 we will gather to welcome everyone, begin new connections and set our intentions. Lord Buddha will then invite you to the Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes where a meeting is taking place. The Celestial White Beings, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi and other will be present at the meeting. Lord Buddha will explain the current shifts occurring in ascension for the Earth, Humanity and light workers, as well as where to direct your focus.

The Celestial White Beings will then invite you to join them in their healing chamber in the Celestial Planes to distribute healing and liberating vibrations to you, beginning your healing and transformational process. Your energies will open and expand allowing any insights, blockages or limitations to come to the surface to be realised and released. This will be accompanied by Natalie’s Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

The following two days will be a combination of channelling, meditation, free time for contemplation and relaxation as well as connecting with other retreat participants. Each morning before breakfast their will be mantra session, should you wish to join, focused upon awakening the love and power of your being and the Creator. Natalie will channel to guide you to explore the infinite love and wisdom of the Creator to support your conscious embodiment and transmission of this sacred essence of your being. You will be guided in how to channel love and power either from your higher self, guides or the Creator in words, energy expression or through your physical body to further your connection to yourself and the Creator.

In the morning session of the 22nd October 2018 we will experience and create a constellation connection between the Earth and the Universe of the Creator to promote a cosmic shift, aiding the embodiment of love and wisdom for Mother Earth and humanity.

It is time to heal the wounds associated with your infinite love and power, using your love and power to create a life of physical and spiritual fulfilment for yourself.

About Your Accommodation

Love = Power RetreatThe Barns are sat in the centre of a 195 acre estate with amazing views over the rolling Cotswold hills, in the heart of the Cotswolds. Nestled in the countryside peace and quiet are available to you as well as woodland walks. Former Dairy Barns, they have been lovingly restored offering luxury accommodation oozing country character with contemporary style, elegance and comfort. There is a large dinning room where we will all eat together, a very large living room where the channeled workshops will take place as well as outside seating areas. Your bedroom will be a twin which you will share with another person and has its own en-suite bathroom.

Love = Power Retreat

The Barns are just 10 minutes from the beautiful market town of Cirencester and 10 minutes from the Regency Town of Cheltenham. Located within an hour of Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Newbury, Oxford, Birmingham, Warwick, Worcester, Cheltenham and Gloucester. London is just 80 minutes from Kemble station on a direct high-speed train and 1 hour & 45 minutes by car.

What is Included?

Included in the Love = Power Retreat is three nights accommodation in a twin bedroom with en-suite, all your meals, as well as drinks such as tea, coffee and water. The Cotswold countryside on your doorstep and the tranquillity of nature. Channeled sessions in a group setting with Natalie daily and experiencing Natalie’s Crystal Singing Bowls. Mantra session of singing or chanting mantras each morning, and time for self and relaxation.

Travel to and from the retreat whether at the beginning, end or during the retreat is NOT included and is your responsibility to organise.

Energy Exchange for the Love = Power Retreat is £795

Please contact Natalie if you are interested in attending this Retreat, Click Here


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