Lord Buddha Ashram

Lord Buddha is currently acting as Planetary Logos, this means that he oversees the vibrations and the spiritual education of all on the Earth and the planetary level of the Creator’s universe. The planetary level is the closest vibrational level of energy to the Earth. Lord Buddha replaced Sanat Kumara in 1994 as Planetary Logos.
Buddha is an Ascended Master who has experienced many lifetimes upon the Earth now existing as a Galactic Master. This title recognises the levels of initiations he has moved through as a soul.
You can call upon Buddha to oversee your spiritual education and mission on the Earth, supporting you in gaining an enlightened awareness. You may also visit Buddha’s Planetary Ashram in meditation by simply holding intention, this will allow you to meditate with the Twelve Buddhas who assist Buddha himself.

Lord Buddha Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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