Special Attunement – Venus Love Codes Healing and Embodiment

Special Attunement - Venus Love Codes London Workshop September 2016 Healing and Embodiment

Experience a Deep Attunement to The Venus Love Codes Healing Energy

Learn How to Share This Energy with Yourself, Others and the Earth to Support Love Embodiment

with Lady Nada and Venus Healing Team


Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson

1 Day Workshop Mp3 files in a zipped file with transcribed versions of meditations. In  6 sections.

Duration approx- 3 hours 10 mins

Unique Attunement Workshop Price = £22

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Join Lady Nada and the Venus Healing Team to be embraced in supreme love and receive a download of love codes as well as an attunement to Venus Healing Energy. This will support your inner healing, ascension and spiritual liberation. Lady Nada who extends from Venus believes it is the appropriate time to share with you the healing energies and love codes of Venus so you may learn how to assist yourself, others and the Earth using these sacred and powerful energies.

The Venus Love Codes Healing is a sacred blend of light frequencies and codes from Venus, merged with the balanced divine feminine and masculine energies of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness and the Goddess vibrations. When received, this blend of sacred vibrations can support powerful ascension shifts, awakening and the release of many forms of resistance to love. Thus its purpose is to aid a greater experience of love embodiment within your being while offering essential energetic codes that support your future existence as love and a guardian of love upon the Earth.

The Venus Beings channeled in Capsule of Wisdom No 119 that many souls upon the Earth are being invited to be guardians of the diverse love vibrations of the Universe of the Creator. Each person will embody a selection of love vibrations and consciousness acting as powerful beacons of love to awaken others while supporting Mother Earth in her ascension goal of becoming a Planet of Love. The diverse love vibrations of the Universe will communicate through each ready person to embody the love vibrations, creating energetic conversations of love upon the Earth. The outcome of this is that the Earth will then embody a love vibration of a higher frequency than is currently present within the Universe of the Creator. It is because of this goal that Lady Nada and the Venus Healing Team wish to attune you to their healing energetic expression to support the transformation of your entire being into an embodiment of love while aiding your service as a guardian and beacon of love.

Lady Nada and the Venus Healing Team wish to connect, attune and initiate you into the sacred blend of light and love codes available from Venus. They wish to guide you how to receive the energy to aid your own continuous accelerating experience of embodiment of love, how to deliver the love codes of Venus to others to aid their ascension and alignment with the Creator, as well as how to focus the energy into the Earth to aid global ascension.

This is a unique and very special channelling from Lady Nada, the higher aspect of Mary Magdalene, and the Venus Healing Team offering practical guidance and a technique of how to work with the sacred Venus Love Codes in your everyday life.



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