learn how to channel with Master Kuthumi london 2016

Learn How to Channel – Intensive Course

With Master Kuthumi

Channelled Workshop with Natalie Glasson
Audio Recording  Mp3 files in a zipped file. In 7 sections, Duration approx- 3 hours 15mins
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Whether you simply have an inclination to understanding channelling further or wish to perfect your channelling ability, Master Kuthumi and Natalie are offering you the opportunity to experience an intensive day focused upon channelling. Not only will every practice be dedicated to assisting you in advancing your channelling ability, the powerful download of energy which you will receive from Master Kuthumi will promote shifts in your ascension, healing, awakening and the progression of your sensitivity as a channel. This is an interactive day encouraging you to explore diverse forms of channelling such as voice channelling, written channelling, healing or energetic channelling in groups and as an individual.

Master Kuthumi will guide you to connect with the energies and consciousness that your soul wishes you to channel, express and bring forth into your reality while aiding your understanding of the purpose of your channelling ability in this lifetime. He will guide you in overcoming fears and limitations hindering your natural abilities of expressing the Creator while offering a profound healing experience from the universe of the Creator. Master Kuthumi wishes to share his wisdom concerning the current stages of our ascension as well as activating necessary upgrades within your body, mind, emotions and even your soul.

This is the first time that Natalie has been guided to dedicate a workshop to assist your channelling ability, it promises to be a powerful, inspirational and truth discovery day as everyone creates a supportive and fun environment to aid the nurturing of your natural ability.

‘Channelling is not a gift; it is a natural ability which everyone can access.’ Natalie



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