Lady Quan Yin Ashram

Quan Yin also spelt Kuan Yin is a Goddess, Ascended Master, an embodiment of enlightenment and a compassionate mother to the entire world. Her energies and focus are very similar to Mother Mary, both embody love of the purest and awaken the energy of the Goddess within all. Quan Yin is connected to and integrated with Lord Buddha, she is the feminine aspect of his energy. Kaun Yin allocates much of her time to assist souls in resolving karmic issues as she is a member of the Board of Karma. She is the overseer or Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light of an orange and pink light focused upon enlightenment and embodiment of the soul. Compassion, grace, peace, acceptance and healing are her greatest qualities.

Lady Quan Yin Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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