Lady Pallas Athena Ashram

Pallas Athena is known as a warrior goddess because of her past lifetimes upon the Earth. She appears to us in the spiritual realms as an expansive blazing flame of golden light. She anchors the energy of the Christ Consciousness into her being with the power to burn up negative energy and illusions to create the pure love of the Creator. She wholeheartedly surrenders herself to the Creator giving the impression of being strong, powerful and determined.

Pallas Athena is a Goddess and an Ascended Master, she is the Chohan or overseer of the 12th Ray of Light represented by a golden colour. The 12th ray is an extension of the Christ Ashram focused upon completing Planetary Level initiations and embodiment of the Christ Consciousness which is the active vibration of love from the essence and core of the Creator.

Call upon Pallas Athena to support your embodiment of love, to enhance your inner power and to aid completion of Planetary lessons and teachings.

Lady Pallas Athena Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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