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Lady Nada is the inner plane or higher self-aspect of Mary Magdalene. She is the Chohan or overseer of the 8th Ray of Light which is a powerful cleansing and purification ray represented by a sea foam green colour. The 8th Ray of Light honours the soul and removes any blockages, fears or toxins from the soul’s pathway to allow it to swell and blossom into its limitless being. Lady Nada is a member of the Board of Karma supporting soul’s in dissolving all karmic debts. Nada is from the planet Venus, she is an aspect of the soul of Master Sananda/Jesus/Yeshua. Nada served on the 6th Ray of Light with Master Sananda before he accepted the role of World Teacher. She is an Ascended Master, Goddess and a Christed Being.

Lady Nada Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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