Lady Mary, Mother Mary Ashram

Lady Mary also known as Mother Mary and Archangel Mary. She is the Chohan or overseer of the 9th Ray of Light of a blue-green colour focused upon soul exploration and joy. She can often be seen wearing a deep blue cloak that when you look into you can see the Universe of the Creator. Mary has incarnated onto the Earth as the mother of Jesus/Yeshua as well as Isis the mother of Horus; her past lifetimes show she is a kind, compassionate and nurturing soul who wishes to act as a mother to all souls to aid their growth and expansion. She emanates the vibrations of pure love, joy and bliss. Lady Mary is also a member of the board of karma assisting many souls in freeing themselves from karmic debts; you can call upon her to surround you in healing and the Goddess light

Lady Mary, Mother Mary Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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