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Keys to the Unknown by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, beloved beacons of light. I am Archangel Metatron, and it is an honour as always, to be present in your glowing vibration. I bring forth the Angelic vibrations to support and nurture your current ascension process. You are moving through so many shifts especially within your perspective and this is instigating deep remembrance into activation and embodiment within your being. This deep remembrance allows you to connect on deeper levels with your soul, your soul group, guides, and the Creator allowing you to access wisdom that may feel long forgotten, as well as tools and abilities that support your ascension now.

Today, I wish to speak of Keys to the Unknown. At a certain stage in your ascension, there is an initiation, known as Keys to the Unknown. Let us for a moment contemplate what the unknown is and what I, Archangel Metatron, mean when I speak of the unknown. For me, the Creator is formless, label-less, the Creator is expansive, and limitless. To try to describe the Creator creates a false impression of all that is the Creator. We could say that the Creator is unknown. We do not really know what the Creator is because at a physical level, especially, we cannot explain or describe the Creator.

I wish to share with you that as you enter your ascension and journey upon your ascension, you are entering into the unknown. This is because the ascension that you are achieving on the Earth now, you have not achieved in other lifetimes, so the journey is different. You are progressing, you are advancing more than you have ever done before. What I also wish to share with you is that the wisdom, the skills, the abilities that you will obtain and are obtaining in your ascension process now upon the Earth are currently unknown to you. There will be a time when you have a knowingness; where you know your abilities and skills and yet there will still be abilities and skills that are unknown to you. There will always be an aspect of yourself that is unknown to you even though you are the Creator, you are everything and everyone.

This initiation invites you to contemplate the unknown and to dive into its energies. It is often when we speak of the unknown, especially the Creator as being unknown that this creates a lot of discomfort within a person's being. It is often that if a person feels that they do know the Creator they can feel discouraged, because how can you hold faith in something that is unknown? How can you embody an aspect of yourself that is unknown? How can you journey upon a pathway that is unknown to you? Meaning that truthfully you do not know your destination even though you have an idea, a desire, a hope or maybe even an inspiration of what your destination is. Even when you hold a firm faith in yourself, in the Creator, in your ascension, there is still some unknown. You do not necessarily know how things will plan out, you do not know when or how things will manifest. Within every aspect of your reality, there is always the unknown, even in your relationships with others. Maybe you have known another person for many years, and you feel that you know them inside out, and yet there is still a part of them that is unknown to you, and this is the same even with yourself. You know your reality, you know your dreams and aspirations, you know your likes and dislikes, there is still an aspect of yourself or even many aspects of yourself, which is unknown.

This initiation invites you to become comfortable, and accepting, even to become grounded in the unknown. This is a skill because you are surrendering yourself. You are surrendering your knowledge, you are even surrendering your faith to something that is unknown, that cannot be described, that cannot be located. You have no way of knowing how it will manifest? Or even what will manifest?

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to sit in this energy of not knowing, the unknown, and I invite you to contemplate, what does it feel like? What does it bring up within your being? Maybe it brings up frustration or fear, anger, or discomfort. Maybe it causes you to feel weak or unbalanced. The more you sit in this energy of the unknown, you contemplate that there are so many things within your being, within your reality that are unknown and most importantly that the Creator is unknown. Therefore, the Universe of the Creator is unknown.

What happens is that you clear your mind; everything that you think you know about yourself, about others, about the world, about the Universe of the Creator, about your ascension, and about the Creator dissolves. Everything that you think you know disappears. You sit within this energy of unknowingness and at first, maybe it does feel uncomfortable. The more you sit with it, the more you contemplate it, the more this dis-ease will dissolve. What are you left with? You are left with space, you are left with expansion, and with nothingness.

You may ask, what good is nothingness? How will it help me in my spiritual journey? How will it support me in my reality?

When you are left with nothingness, the unknown, you are open, you are expansive and that is when like a flower emerging from the soil, its stem reaching upwards, its bud opening out, your truth emerges. In the unknown and the nothingness, you see the truth, the truth of your being and the truth of the Creator. This flower with its bud that emerges from within your being. It is your inner knowingness, which will filter into your mind, your mental body, your feelings, your perspectives, even your aspirations. What you will find is new thoughts, new understandings and perspectives dawn that are of a higher vibration and frequency, and allow you to access greater knowledge, wisdom and support you in progressing forward in your ascension process.
When we allow ourselves to delve into the unknown and face it fully, we access what we truly know, our inner knowing. A knowing that comes from the soul, the soul group, and the Creator. This knowingness influences your mind, your reality, your actions, all that you are, and it is so valuable.

I ask you in this moment are you ready to accept the keys of the unknown? Meaning, are you ready to delve into the unknown, to move through this initiation, ascension process, into something far greater? Are you ready to allow yourself to blossom and transform into a greater being of knowingness?

If you wish I, Archangel Metatron, will pass you the Keys to the Unknown.

You may claim them if you wish to explore the unknown.

Know that it may bring up fears, these can be released, the more you sit with the unknown and face it, the more you clear your energies and connect with the truth.

I, Archangel Metatron, I am here to support and love you.

I thank you,

Archangel Metatron

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