22 Keys to Ascension22 Keys to Ascension

Sacred Guidance and Practices to master your existence on the Earth and the Inner Planes

With Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha

Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson

Workshop Recording from Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK.

2 Day Workshop Recording Price = £22

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Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha welcome you with grace and love to join them at the Chalice Well, the foot of the Tor and Heart Chakra of the Earth. They wish to share and explore with you their 22 keys to achieving ascension at an earthly level. These keys are drawn from their own experience of moving through ascension on the Earth and their current expansive perspective of modern day ascension. The 22 Keys to Ascension are a pathway of guidance and insights which activate inspiration and remembrance within your being, so you may accelerate your ascension process. These two sacred beings wish to assist you in acknowledging the next steps and stages of your ascension, as well as how you can move forth with conscious awareness from the ascension level you have already obtained. They will share tips to ease your ascension pathway, creating joy, healing, happiness and fulfilment for yourself and others. They wish to bring forth into your awareness a greater understanding of your purpose in the ascension process of the Earth.

Lady Quan Yin is the Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light which represents the peace and enlightenment of the Creator as well as understanding and experiencing soul synthesis. Lord Buddha is the Planetary Logos overseeing the planetary energies and the ascension of all. Together they are a fountain of knowledge and inspire profound enlightenment.

Join Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha for an inspirational, practical and enlightening process of centring yourself and activating your conscious awareness into your current ascension pathway. Natalie will channel the energies and wisdom of Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha while also sharing the sacred sound of her crystal singing bowls.

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