Invocation – Master Kuthumi

Channelled Through
Natalie Glasson
Invoking Master Kuthumi to act as your spiritual mentor
Master Kuthumi is one of the wisest and most loving spiritual mentors aiding humanity on the
Earth. He is a key figure in ascension and is currently leading the new wave of energy now anchoring into
the Earth from 08-08-08 to 2009, to accelerate the spiritual ascension process of souls on the Earth.
Previously he has been the Chohan of the second ray of light and the World Teacher, now he continues
his World Teacher duties on the Star of Sirius.
Many people enroll to become his student, allowing him to oversee their spiritual development on
the Earth. If you feel a connection with Master Kuthumi and wish to receive his divine guidance and tuition
in your life then you may find it beneficial to use this invocation to connect on a deeper level with his
energy. His presence is powerful but also loving, he never judges but always encourages his students to
achieve the goals of their soul in the most sacred and enjoyable way.
Master Kuthumi will draw close to you as soon as you begin to read this invocation, saying it out
loud or in your mind each day or when you need additional guidance will allow him to divinely intervene in
your life. His wisdom is renowned and his techniques achieve wondrous results. Once you have
connected with Master Kuthumi, simply repeating his name in your mind will allow his energies to draw
close to you. After completing the invocation sit peacefully in meditation and experience the energy. This
invocation is channelled from Master Kuthumi to aid the development of all.


Say slowly with intention
Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi, my guiding tutor and spiritual mentor, I send my greetings
and blessing to you now and extend the love of my soul to connect with your soul and divine presence.
Master Kuthumi, I ask you to stand before me now as your luminous, vibrant and enlightened
presence. Channel your light into my being and allow me to feel the loving vibrations and energy of your
soul around and within my being. Master Kuthumi, I honour you as a World Teacher, an educator and
guide, I ask you from the deepest devotion and passion within my soul to assist me now in realising that
my ascended master consciousness is already within my being. Help me to grasp and express my
ascended master consciousness allowing me to understand the truth of my existence on the Earth, my
soul, the universe and the all mighty Creator. I understand that to become an ascended master like you, I
must devote my energy, time and concentration on mastering my being, thoughts, emotions, actions and
reactions to my experiences on the Earth. Master Kuthumi, aid me in understanding how I may master
my being and inspire me to do so. I wish to rise gradually through the levels and experiences of the Earth
school obtaining new levels of consciousness and awareness continually throughout my embodiment. I
ask you to be my guide at all times as I trust that you are in deep conversation with my soul and will
advise me appropriately.
My beloved Master Kuthumi, integrate within my being now the energy of the ascended master
consciousness from the source energy of the Creator and the Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters.
Allow the pure white light of the ascended master consciousness to integrate and melt into my being now
through my crown chakra, uplifting my mind, thoughts and energy vibration so that I may be receptive and
aware of the divine energy within me. Assist me now in accessing and manifesting my ascended master
consciousness into my reality.
My beloved Master Kuthumi, anchor into my being the love and wisdom energy of the second ray
of light of a blue colour which you are so deeply connected to. Allow love to emanate eternally from my
being and threads of wisdom from your mind and the second ray of light to penetrate my mind,
illuminating my thoughts. Allow me to become aware of the truth within me, the guidance of my soul and
the knowledge stored within my soul from past lifetimes.
Master Kuthumi, you now exist and tutor from the vibrant Star of Sirius. I humbly ask that you will
accept me as your student and will guide me accordingly in my life. Enrol me in the most appropriate
lectures and workshops with the ascended masters in residence on the Star of Sirius. While my body
rests and sleeps on the Earth allow an aspect of my soul to absorb the wisdom and mentoring you offer
me so that I can integrate all that I receive and understand into my physical reality on the Earth to aid me
in mastery my being. Each night while my body sleeps, I will travel to study with you on the inner planes,
in your ashram on the Star of Sirius, if this is appropriate for my soul.
Master Kuthumi, guide me now along my spiritual path to ascension, allow me to grasp and
comprehend all that my soul needs, to develop, expand and become fully manifested into my being,
personality and reality on the Earth. Integrate your wisdom and love into my being now so that I can follow
in your footsteps becoming an ascended master of my current being and embodiment, emanating the light
of the Creator.  I am Master Kuthumi.

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