Archangel Metatron

Illumination by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, I extend my energy and vibration to embrace you now, I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to be in your presence and to bring forth the Angelic vibrations to support you in all manners of your reality and existence upon the Earth. I wish to share with you today that you are a being of Illumination.

You are the bright light that you seek upon the Earth. You are the bright light you seek within the Universe of the Creator. You are the bright light that you seek within the Creator. I invite your entire being to absorb this because this will create a new perspective and a new direction for your ascension process.

Let me share with you that you are the divine wisdom you seek upon the Earth. You are the divine wisdom you seek within the Universe of the Creator. You are the divine wisdom you seek within the Creator. Allow yourself to absorb this, absorb it within your being, let your pores open, let your energy systems open and absorb this understanding and information.

I wish to share with you that you are the complete ascension that you seek on the Earth. You are the complete ascension you seek within the Universe of the Creator. You are the complete ascension you seek within the Creator. Take a few moments to absorb this, absorb this understanding and information deep into your being, let it create a reaction, let it ignite remembrance, acknowledgement, and acceptance within your being. In doing so it has the potential of completely altering your reality, your ascension journey, and your inner perspective. When you allow yourself to truly absorb, except and remember that which I have shared with you, you realise that you spend most of your reality and even ascension process seeking, looking for something, looking to gain an ability or a skill, wanting information, answers, understandings, and enlightenment. You make your journey, a journey of seeking so it is in fact that you are not on your ascension pathway. In fact, you are on a journey of seeking your ascension, looking for your ascension process, your ascension understanding and remembrance.

When you take away the seeking, and the looking, you realise that which you wish to gain is already present within your being. It is already upon the Earth, it is already within you, it is already your spiritual existence, and it is already present within the Creator. In fact, there is no need to seek because everything is already present, and we return to the first statement of Illumination.

You are the light, you are the brightness, you are the enlightenment. You are the knowingness and expression of the Creator. This is your current existence. 

Your mind will try to dissuade you and encourage you to think that you do not know that you do not understand, and you do not have the abilities and skills that you wish. Your mind enjoys seeking, to look for, and to be entertained. When you allow yourself to let go of the seeking of the mind and invite the mind to be entertained by another reality, meaning, the reality that everything you wish to experience and acknowledge is already present, already available to you, then the mind will relax. You will still need to bring your mind back to this new perspective. The more you do so, the more it will become entertained by this new perspective and more will be revealed. The information, the knowledge, the wisdom, the connections, the communications, the abilities, and skills will all be revealed to you with divine timing and timing that is appropriate for you so as not to become overwhelmed. Everything becomes available because it is only the seeking of your mind that puts your ascension out of your reach. When in fact, you have already completed your ascension and you already have obtained access to everything that you need, all the abilities and the skills. When you allow this to take place, you begin to acknowledge yourself in a new way. You give power, strength, confidence, love, and foundations to yourself. You realise that you are a bright star on the Earth.  You are the candle that is constantly glowing and radiating light. You are the constant river of the Creator's energy that flows continuously. When you recognise this, you become the light, you become the Creator, you recognise yourself as luminous.  And others will recognise the same attracting those that are the light to you as well those that have this same perspective.

When you let go of the seeking and you access a new luminous understanding of yourself, your spiritual journey, your perspective, what you wish to achieve, what you feel guided to achieve alters and shifts. You recognise yourself as an anchor for the light, a distributor for the light, a source of inspiration and knowledge.

We do not wish for the ego to run away with itself and of course, there is no need for you to publicly demonstrate your skills and abilities or your new perspective. You can achieve this in your own reality, being a source of light that provides for others gifting understanding of who they are. In achieving this, you will find that you begin to let go of rejection, of separation, of anger, you begin to let go of fear and disempowerment, strengthening your light and you’re anchoring into the Earth.

You are provided for, you have all that you need, every time your mind tells you otherwise bring it to a new perspective, a new reality. You are a beacon of illumination, the illumination of the Creator upon the Earth. It is time to bring your focus to this understanding and acknowledgement with the excitement within you of what will change, and what will manifest. What will come about with this new understanding and new focus? And yes, it is a simple shift and yet it can be very powerful.

I thank you for being a bright light upon the Earth. I thank you for wanting to create change. I thank you for following your ascension. I thank you for seeking and I ask you to let go of your seeking now, realising that everything is present.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron

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