Holy Grail Awakening with Mary Magdalene
Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Mp3 files in a zipped file. In 6 sections

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The Holy Grail has been interpreted in many different ways throughout history but has always held a strong connection to the time of Jesus and the presence of the Christ. Whatever you believe the Holy Grail to be in physical form there is a consciousness, vibration and source of light which has always been the original Holy Grail within the inner planes of the Creator’s universe. The Holy Grail consciousness was anchored by Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene and many others into the Earth and physical planes, it acted as a powerful pure source of light and wise consciousness for all to accept. The vibration and embodiment of the Holy Grail was achieved by those who welcomed the power of love to pulsate fully throughout their being, it is the foundation of love that the Holy Grail can be anchored and experienced. This process was kept secret as a sacred ritual of awakening which only those previously recognising their devotion to and connection with the Christ and Christ Consciousness were able to achieve.

Mary Magdalene wishes to come forward to share an understanding of the Holy Grail, how this energy and consciousness was experienced by her, used in her time and why it is appropriate to bring forth this connection now. Mary Magdalene also wishes to assist you in gaining a deeper connection with the energy of Mary Magdalene as a Cosmic Goddess Consciousness as she shares some Magdalene teachings and wisdom to be of service to you in this stage of Ascension.

The presence of the Holy Grail energy can be deeply awakening and healing, this workshop and the Enhancing Christ Connection and Mastery Workshop, holds the intention of allowing you to connect and remember your past lifetimes and connection to the time of Jesus, thus bringing more healing and inner strength to your being.

Natalie’s past life self Maryham achieved the ability to activate the vibration of the Holy Grail in others and channel the Holy Grail consciousness from Mary Magdalene. Maryham travelled to Avalon with Jesus and the community. Natalie is now being guided to connect into this energy to bring it forth with love for others to experience.

Join Mary Magdalene, Maryham and Natalie for a day of connection and exploration within.


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