Helios and Vesta, Solar Logos Ashram

Helios and Vesta are the overseers of the Solar Level which is between the Planetary and Galactic Levels of the Creator’s Universe. Helios is of masculine vibration while Vesta is of feminine vibration and yet they are a united soul.

Helios and Vesta merged hold the brightness of the sun, they hold a perfect masculine and feminine balance while also filtering the light of the Creator through the Solar Level into the Planetary Level from the Galactic Level. They oversee the spiritual education of all beings moving through their Solar Level initiations. You can call upon Helios and Vesta to assist in balancing your masculine and feminine vibrations, enhancing the vibrancy of your light and connecting on a deeper level with your soul as well as supporting your Solar Level awakening and consciousness.

Helios and Vesta Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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