Heart Chakra Awakening with Mary MagdaleneHeart Chakra Awakening

Online Webinar Workshop Channelled through Natalie Glasson
Part 1 = 1 Hour 21 mins
Part 2 = 1 Hour 22 mins
Part 3 = 1 Hour 22 mins
It is the time of love, experiencing and expressing a pure vibration of love. It is divine timing to focus upon the healing, restoring and expansion of the Heart Chakra in order to bring forward a purer understanding of the love of the Creator. Mary Magdalene invites you to explore and heal your heart chakra supported by her sacred goddess guidance and vibration. Mary Magdalene is known as the Celestial Rose Heart because of her sacred loving expression and the support that she offers many in opening and healing their heart chakras on the Earth and the inner planes.
In a three part webinar series, Mary Magdalene wishes to connect you on a deeper level with your heart chakra, assist you in recognising the love that your heart holds and how to use it as your power. She wishes to aid cellular repatterning for your entire being to be attuned to the heart vibration, encourage you to access the subtle chambers of your heart chakra, heal past pain held within the heart chakra and the heart organ, as well as  anchoring new vibrations of Creator heart chakra energy from the universe into your being to aid further expansion. Mary Magdalene will encourage you to hold a greater awareness of your heart chakra in your daily reality while channelling all her love into your being to soothe and heal all aspects of your being.
Allow Mary Magdalene to assist you in opening up to the powerful love volume and frequencies within you aiding a more complete manifestation of love within your reality.
This is an approximate schedule which may alter due to all of the material being channelled.

Heart Chakra Awakening

Recorded Audio Part 1  Focus upon the Love Body of the Physical Body and the Heart Organ with Mary Magdalene 1 hour 21 mins
Recorded Audio Part 2  Focus upon the Spiritual Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene –1 hour 22 mins
Recorded Audio Part 3 Heart Chakra Awakening with Mary Magdalene 1 hour 22 mins

£5.00 for Three Part Webinar
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Heart Chakra Awakening


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Mary Magdalene

Lady Nada is the higher aspect of

Mary Magdalene who existed on the Earth during the lifetime of Jesus/ Yeshua. She was the partner of Jesus/Yeshua and supported him through his lifetimes and purpose. She is often discredited however she was and is a powerful aspect of the Divine Goddess energy, the Christ Consciousness and is an Ascended Master. Her knowledge is immense concerning Ascension, Mystery School Teachings, Mastery, Healing and Goddess Teachings. She is a very beautiful, pure and loving soul

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