Goddess Isis Ashram

Isis is known as the Moon Goddess which symbolises her abilities and energies of transformation, restoration or alignment, replenishing and rejuvenating on a physical, spiritual and soul level.
Isis is an evolved high priestess and Ascended Master of magic, resurrection, wisdom and manifestation. Isis holds the key to the Goddess mysteries and often acts as a powerful source of protection. She holds the feminine vibrations of strength and power. Isis is a powerful healer and master of ascension and enlightenment. She oversees the spiritual awakening of children and holds the sacred vibration and qualities of the Divine Mother.
The knowledge that she holds in the process of ascension and initiations is far beyond the wisdom accepted by many in our current day. She holds a deep understanding of the process of ascension, changing matter into light, immaculate conception, healing, the inner plane dimensions, the qualities of the Creator and healing on all energetic levels. Isis is likened to and an aspect of Mother Mary.

Goddess Isis Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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