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Goddess Hathor is depicted as the Goddess of the Sun and Sky, expressing her connection with the inner planes and her radiant light. Goddess Hathor holds many of the qualities that we associate with the Goddess vibration and the Creator such as love, inner and outer beauty, joy, sound as a healing and awakening tool and dance as a form of expression of the Creator.
Hathor holds the sacred vibration of the Divine Mother and embodies the Goddess qualities. As a Goddess of fertility she connects soul mates, oversee conception, pregnancy, the birth and spiritual awakening of a child. Her compassion and love is immense and divinely healing.
Goddess Hathor is seen as seven Goddess beings that originate from Venus and focus upon sound as a form of communication and ascension. Love is their greatest and most powerful vibration; they are likened to the vibration of the Christ consciousness which is an active vibration of love. Due to their loving vibration their healing abilities are immense, especially when expressed through sound or music. Within Hathor, we see the true purity of the Goddess, the tender qualities that are so inspirational, healing and awakening.
While Hathor is often seen as a Goddess being she can also be recognised as an Ascended Master and Star Being of feminine vibrations.

Goddess Hathor Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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