Pathway of the Divine Feminine/Mother –

Glstonbury Workshop 2016 Pathway of the Divine Feminine/Mother - Golden Keys to Enlightenment

Golden Keys to Enlightenment

A synthesis of sacred blessings, empowerment, techniques, tools and keys of light to aid enlightenment born from pure love.

With Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Venus Beings

Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson

Recorded at Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK ( Heart Chakra of the Earth)

Workshop Recording of 2 Days = £19

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.Within the Divine Feminine/Mother energy of the Creator is a wealth of treasured wisdom, inspiration, healing tools and awakening codes now ready for you to explore, access and receive. Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary wish to guide you to experience a profoundly deep and fulfilling journey of inner self and Creator discovery supported by the Divine Feminine energies of the Creator. As the Earth transforms assisted by the pure love the beings from Venus are anchoring into the Earth throughout 2016, the Divine Feminine energies of the Creator are emerging within your being and the Earth. Healing, restoring balance and being open vessels to receive the wisdom at the core of the Divine Feminine Consciousness is waiting to take place. Not only has the Divine Feminine energy been suppressed and mistreated so has the Divine Masculine. It is time to restore the truth of the Creator within all and the Earth to further ascension pathways and create embodiments of love. Every soul holds the sacred vibrations of the Divine Feminine within their soul whether they are in a male or female body upon the Earth. When the masculine and feminine energies are joined in harmony within then a greater sense of enlightenment is experienced.

This is a celebration of the Divine Feminine within you, Mother Earth and upon the inner planes. Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary and the Beings of Venus wish to guide you along a pathway of the Divine Feminine to share with you the Golden Keys of the Divine Feminine aiding your illumination, ascension and enlightenment. Certain energy patterns, experiences and habits within your being and reality can be connected to the resistance you may hold to your Divine Feminine Aspect or the pain held within your Divine Feminine Aspect. Now is the time to allow yourself to bathe in the sacred vibrations, supreme love and consciousness of the Divine Feminine energy of the Creator, surrendering into enlightenment born from true love and your original source.

You will be guided to:

Receiving the Divine Feminine/Mother Golden Keys to Enlightenment

Experience a sacred meeting/ synthesis with the purest vibration of the Divine Feminine /Mother consciousness to receive blessings and profound awakening

Explore Divine Feminine Chambers of Light upon the inner planes to bring forth healing to your Divine Feminine energies

Restore the sacred balance between your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and essence

Experience tools, connections and practices to further your state of enlightenment from the source of pure love

Recognise the treasures the Divine Feminine has to share and integrate these into your daily reality and spiritual practices

Work with inner plane embodiments of the Divine Feminine Vibration of the Creator to heal core energies embedded into the Earth which are hindering the emergence of the Ascension the Divine Feminine vibrations have to offer

Empower the Earth as a planet of Love with the Divine Feminine Vibrations

Work with the Divine Feminine vibrations and codes of Venus

Restore your own feminine vibration on all levels of your being

Let yourself be guided through beautiful and fulfilling ascension experiences by Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary, the Venus Beings and Natalie, transforming on a profoundly deep level. This will all take place surrounded by the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens at the base of the Tor, (Heart Chakra of the Earth.) Natalie will channel throughout the day as well as sharing the harmonious and healing sounds of her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.



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