Channeled through Natalie Glasson  - Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am Melchior, Galactic Logos and overseer of the Galactic level of the Creator's universe. It is such an honour to connect with your energies. Many blessings and much love are sent to you from my soul and from the many Galactic Masters of the Galactic level. It is my mission as Galactic logos to ensure that all receive the appropriate energies and wisdom to aid their spiritual ascension whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes. I work intensely with many souls who are achieving their ascension on the inner planes to become Galactic Masters, I am known as holding numerous tools and ideas to aid energetic, vibrational, soul and monad mastery. I also work with those who are ready upon the Earth to complete the highest vibrational awareness of their ascension and mastery process. I am labelled the 'Master of All Keys and Tools' as whatever you wish to achieve or discover I have a technique or an understanding that will aid your growth.

The Galactic level of the Creator's universe is a very bright manifestation of light, holding a very quick speed of energy. It is represented by a silver golden light. This symbolises its great appreciation and resonance with the Christ Consciousness which is an active energy of love. The silver light can be used as a high vibrational protection by those on the Earth. All students wishing to achieve Galactic mastery work personally with my energy and soul so that we may activate and merge our energies as one, this also aids in the process of becoming one with the Creator's light. I am a channel for the Creator's light holding a certain vibration which has been labelled Galactic.

When a student works personally with me they are able to receive all the energies that I channel for the Creator and allow themselves to mirror the energies and therefore, become the same vibration and level of enlightenment. The Galactic Masters then almost take on the role of the Galactic Logos to tutor other souls from the solar level and planetary level as well as the Earth in the same way. They use the process of transmitting energy and consciousness in order to tutor and awaken others. You may find that with divine timing you will be drawn to work personally with my energies, this will symbolise that you are ready to completely integrate your Ascended Master self and achieve a complete transition into your Ascended Master consciousness and expression. It is now possible for an Ascended Master to remain on the Earth without losing their physical body during the ascension process.

Melchior is the name given to my combined energy and to my soul, it is, in fact, the name of my soul group as all aspects of my soul group have merged together to create the energy and consciousness that I manifest as now, the consciousness of Melchior. Whereas the solar level light encourages students to explore their feminine and masculine energies the Galactic light encourages a complete integration of the feminine and masculine vibrations so that there is no separation and a greater aspect of the soul is able to step forward. The Galactic level encourages a greater connection with the soul's soul group or monad in order to assist the person in discovering more about their energy and purpose.

I, Melchior am present as an example of the feminine and masculine energies existing as one vibration in harmony as the complete energy of a soul group. This is one reason why the Galactic level holds such bright light and a wealth of knowledge, it is because the many aspects of our soul group have achieved their process of growth and ascension to be united as their soul group, therefore there is a vast collective volume of enlightenment. When you begin to work with the Galactic light you will be encouraged to bring balance and unity to your feminine and masculine energies and to enhance your connection with your soul group, feeling their presence and guidance. The presence of your soul group closely around you allows you to achieve the next stage of your soul embodiment.

Integration is one of the main focuses upon the Galactic level, it is your mission as a Galactic student or as a soul connecting with the Galactic light to allow all aspects of your being to achieve the necessary integrations with appropriate consciousness, energies and souls in order to further spiritual development. This signifies that there is a need to focus upon your connections, to discover with which energies you are connected to, embodying the appropriate qualities to allow yourself to manifest as your complete soul. With a journey of discovering the connections and links of your soul, you begin to embody greater aspects of your soul which are in fact greater aspects of the Creator. You will notice that your being begins to hold more light and greater understanding which allows your awareness to develop, assisting in you becoming the bright beacon of the Creator on the Earth. By acknowledging the teachings of the Galactic level, you are empowering your being and allowing yourself to accept the higher aspects of your being.

This practice also brings about a greater understanding of unity and oneness with all that is the Creator.
It is important to understand that at this time of accelerated growth on the Earth the many levels of the Creator's universe have been drawn to your attention, this may be for what seems like the first time or not but it is through the teachings of these levels of the Creator's light that we can gain a greater perspective on what is needed now to support your personal growth and that of humanity. Lord Buddha of the planetary level explained that there was a need for a conscious connection with the Creator and planetary level as well as the focus upon manifesting what you desire into your current reality and into 2012. Helios and Vesta of the solar level spoke of achieving a higher volume of light within your being as the shifts that are occurring within your body and aura can be draining to your energy. The more light you hold the more connected you are and are able to personally support your spiritual transformation, therefore receiving all the energies and wisdom that are needed to develop your growth.The solar level also spoke of empowering your energy and being open to receive what is needed with divine timing. With a conscious connection and the focus of anchoring much light you will be able to progress to connect on a deeper level with the Galactic light, accepting your soul's connections with energies that are needed to aid your enlightenment.

At this time of ascension as we approach 2012 and beyond there is a need to discover the guides, masters, angels, stars, planets, consciousness, soul groups, civilisations and much more that are connected with your soul. One could compare it to discovering your family tree, exploring the pathway that you have walked to your current position on the Earth, your journey through the universe and the numerous bonds and relationships that you have formed. Each bond was not created for fun but was a journey of you collecting a piece of your puzzle, the greater aspect of your soul and truth to unite all as one. To remind yourself of the journey you have travelled will bring forth a great appreciation and respect for yourself, it will also help you to realise why you are on the Earth at this precious time with the lessons that are so vivid in your reality.

The teachings of the planetary and solar levels will create a foundation for this knowledge to come forward, but there is simply a need to hold the intention or idea of discovering the connections that your soul has and to ask your soul to share this wisdom with you in meditation. It is then appropriate to call upon any energy that you discover your soul has a connection with to pour into your being so that you may embody these energies more fully. You may find that the energy flows from your soul into your being or from the Creator's universe into your being, either way you can simply sit in acceptance and ask for your mind to be made aware of any needed wisdom that is appropriate for you to absorb.

With the process of developing connections comes the practice of transference of energy, this is to draw energy through your being and into your reality or to support another person. It is also to embody an energy, allowing all that you create and your reality to hold the same embodiment. With the transference of energy we see, that transference of wisdom is also achieved. Transference of energy is to shift, move, change, give or express energy or light. It is to connect with an energy or consciousness, to anchor it into your being but to also activate the same energy from within your being then to express this in the most appropriate way for you. This extends into an ability to transfer negative energy into positive energy which is what is occurring now on the Earth.

here is a need for humanity to absorb the ability of transference of energy as this will mean that each of you are able to transfer your own energies from negative into positive and to also work in groups to achieve this for the Earth. Transferring the energy vibration of the Earth so that it aligns with a higher vibration of the Creator's light and the inner planes are essential to enhance the new energetic beginning occurring on the Earth. As people shift the energies of the Earth with their mind and the expression of energy they will strengthen the connection between the Earth and the spiritual worlds, dissolving many illusions.

In addition to the process of transference of energy, the Galactic level encourages us to understand and access a neutral energy, which is neither negative nor positive but is simply active energy, forming growing and developing. In order to experience this state of existence, there is a need to dissolve attachments and judgements. It is to practice the art to dispose of the habit of judgement whether it is negative or positive. Imagine if you could move through a whole day without making a negative or positive judgement about anything. This may sound impossible to some and boring to others, but with a neutrally active state of energy you find the space between positive and negative, a space which is simply peace and tranquillity which allows any connections, affirmations or intentions that you create to be magnified a thousand times. This is a process that can be extremely challenging at first but once your mind realises that it can no longer judge or attach then it starts to draw upon other thoughts which come from the soul or higher aspects of your being, therefore bringing forth greater enlightenment and discovery of your true self. Any energy that is transferred from this neutral state of energy is expressed with tremendous power and purity.

The neutral state of mind doesn't mean that you cannot feel sad or excited it is more of a detachment from your reality which means that you are aware that experiences and situations come and go according to the divine will of the Creator. Many discover that the energy of love blossoms from a neutral state of mind and energy. Love is seen as a positive energy, but it is only humanity which has labelled it so, what if the energy of love is actually a neutral state of energy and mind. This is for you to explore and to experience for yourself. With the development of this practice, you will find that you are able to retain and embody the energy of balance completely and easily whatever occurs around or within you, a neutral energy of balance emerges as a spine to support you at all times. This is greatly important as we enter into a time of new energies, of many shifts and adjustments.

The practice of connections and discovering the connections your soul has created as well as connecting the Earth with the inner planes of the Creator's universe are teachings that are held within the Galactic level but are also ideas of inspiration which I believe are essential to aid your growth at this time. Also, there is a need to focus and to explore the practice of transference of energy and the acceptance of a neutral energy within your being. There are many teachings within the Galactic level, but I feel that these teachings will enable humanity to achieve the perfect state of mind, energy, being and body to move into the next phase of energy and growth upon the Earth.

There is much to explore within the Galactic light and consciousness so I encourage you to call upon my energy and ask for the Galactic light to flow over and through your being as you open your mind in acceptance of any wisdom and teachings that may be transferred into your awareness.

I am Melchior

From the 29/10/11 London Workshop

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