Fairy Consciousness

Fairy Consciousness Ashram

Fairy or Fairies are souls who devote their energy and purpose to working alongside nature and the animal kingdom to support the Creator’s energy in anchoring, blossoming and thriving. People who work closely with Mother Earth often have fairy guides who are pure loving beings of light holding ancient knowledge of how to exist as one with the Earth.

Predominantly they exist upon the inner planes where they hold their own ashram known as the Fairy Kingdom however they are able to move through all dimensions thus being able to move through the Earthly dimensions. Their energy vibration is very quick and they can often be seen as orbs of coloured light. The fairy kingdom will come and surround you if you call upon them so that you may experience their energy, they respond to respect, generosity and truth. They are powerful healers and can support manifestation.

Fairy Consciousness Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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