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Sacred School of OmNa Ascension Expressions of the Goddess

Expressions of the Goddess Activate, Experience, Express and Explore the Goddess Vibrations! With Goddess Quan Yin, Goddess Tamara and Goddess Pallas Athena

Online Workshop Webinar Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Part 1- Goddess Quan Yin– Heal Your Inner Goddess

Part 2- Goddess Tamara– Explore the Goddess Vibrations and Beyond

Part 3- Goddess Pallas Athena– Activating Your Goddess Strength and Power

This is a workshop for Males and Females, it doesn’t matter what physical body you exist within your goddess is waiting to be explored! We are all the same as one.

You are invited to commune with the Goddess vibration in all is beautiful and precious aspects and qualities which can be found in the central core energy of the Goddess and within your being. As we exist in the Era of Love, a time focused so intensely upon the birth and experience of love, the dawning of the Goddess is essential to complete the sacred vibrations of our divine self. Wholeness, completeness, unity and contentment can be experienced in the presence of the Goddess and your own Goddess presence. You will be guided to heal your inner goddess, dissolving suffering and pain which still clings to the consciousness of humanity and the divine feminine. Connect with divine Goddess beings from the Stars and Planets supporting the Earth as well as the Cosmic Level of the Goddess vibration. Experience the moment when the energy of the Goddess moves beyond its vibration into the merged unity and nothingness that is the Creator with sensations of deep expansion, freedom and reuniting. There will be unique opportunities to experience and explore the beautiful aspects and qualities of the Goddess within your being and on the inner planes.

Our understanding of the Goddess Vibration is evolving as we focus on integrating this special energy but there is still so much to explore and sense from this sacred womb of energy. Goddess Quan Yin, Goddess Tamara and Goddess Pallas Athena wish to guide you through their own experience of the Goddess and by sharing meditations and wisdom so you may align with the expressions of the Goddess on all levels of your being, interpreting them throughout your being while expanding your conscious awareness of this sacred, nurturing and cherished energy.

Expressions of the Goddess

Recorded Audio Part 1 – Heal Your Inner Goddess- Goddess Quan Yin 1 hour 15 mins
Recorded Audio Part 2 – Explore the Goddess Vibration and Beyond – Goddess Tamara 1 hour 10 mins
Recorded Audio Part 3 – Activating Your Goddess Strength and Power – Goddess Pallas Athena 1 hour 24 mins


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Quan Yin also spelt Kuan Yin is a Goddess, Ascended Master, an embodiment of enlightenment and a compassionate mother to the entire world. Her energies and focus are very similar to Mother Mary, both embody love of the purest and awaken the energy of the Goddess within all. Quan Yin is connected to and integrated with Lord Buddha, she is the feminine aspect of his energy. Kaun Yin allocates much of her time to assist souls in resolving karmic issues as she is a member of the Board of Karma. She is the overseer or Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light of an orange and pink light focused upon enlightenment and embodiment of the soul. Compassion, grace, peace, acceptance and healing are her greatest qualities.


I Goddess Tamara work with the celestial and Cosmic Level of the Creator’s universe within the Goddess Chamber of Light. The qualities I emanate as a Goddess being are gentleness, harmony, grace and divine unity. It is my purpose to ensure the divine order within the Creator’s universe by expressing and creating channels and energetic pathways for the Goddess vibration to penetrate, exist and merge with all aspects of the Creator. I am the Goddess of Divine Order, it is through the energy vibration and birth of the Goddess light that I ensure all ascension shifts take place with Divine Goddess Order, signifying that all transformations are born from love and create love. It is my greatest purpose to maintain harmony and balance within the Creator’s universe. There are many beings that have similar roles but the vibration of the Goddess is extremely influential and powerful when merged with the activation of transformation as the Goddess vibration feeds the transformation to intensify its presence while ensuring its eternal alignment with peace and harmony.


Pallas Athena is known as a warrior goddess because of her past lifetimes upon the Earth. She appears to us in the spiritual realms as an expansive blazing flame of golden light. She anchors the energy of the Christ Consciousness into her being with the power to burn up negative energy and illusions to create the pure love of the Creator. She wholeheartedly surrenders herself to the Creator giving the impression of being strong, powerful and determined.

Pallas Athena is a Goddess and an Ascended Master, she is the Chohan or overseer of the 12th Ray of Light represented by a golden colour. The 12th ray is an extension of the Christ Ashram focused upon completing Planetary Level initiations and embodiment of the Christ Consciousness which is the active vibration of love from the essence and core of the Creator.

Call upon Pallas Athena to support your embodiment of love, to enhance your inner power and to aid completion of Planetary lessons and teachings.

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