Empowering your Goddess Self
Connect with the Goddess Consciousness, Discover your Goddess
Guide, Activate your Ancient Goddess Energy and Empower the Love
of the Earth

With Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor

Live Recording from Natalie’s Channelled Workshop on the 9th July

As the energies of 2012 draw close, the Creator is calling upon all to
empower love upon the Earth, activating love from within their beings and
anchoring love deep into the Mother Earth. The understanding that love is
the essence of the Creator and our complete beings is now growing; love is
being acknowledged as healing, transformational and the truth that is
needed on the Earth. The presence of the masculine aspect of the Creator
has achieved its purpose, now as people are opening to the light of the
Creator the feminine aspect and energies of the Creator are flowing more
freely, gently encouraging a new cycle upon the Earth. This cycle brings
forth love, truth, compassion, oneness and a deep sense of nurturing one
and all.

The Goddess Consciousness is a collective energy of the Creator’s soul; it
is the highest vibration of the feminine aspect of the Creator. The Goddess
beings of the cosmic level have a wealth of knowledge and sacred qualities
that they wish to share with you. Due to the changes that are occurring
within individuals on the Earth, the Goddess Consciousness feels that it is
essential they step forward to guide humanity upon their pathway of love.
The Goddess Consciousness wishes to aid you in activating the Goddess
or feminine aspect of the Creator within you, allowing you to discover the
sacred Goddess qualities that you have to share with others. Both women
and men hold the Goddess energy within them, when this is activated it can
aid a deep balancing within the being and an intense attunement with the
Creator. By discovering your Goddess energies you are recognising yourself
as more than your current existence as on the Earth, awakening to the
cosmic being that you are. The Goddess Consciousness wishes to aid a
powerful healing, rejuvenation and acceptance process. The Goddess
consciousness prominently wishes to guide you in a Goddess Healing
Ceremony for the Earth, to truly anchor the light and sacred qualities of the
Goddess into the consciousness of the Earth and humanity.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with sacred beings of love on the
inner planes while acknowledging a powerful presence within you that is
waiting to guide you forward in your service to the light at this wondrous
Due to the workshop audio recordings being so big I have had to separate
them in two sections, to receive the complete meditations you will need to
download both sections of the Workshop.

Goddess Workshop 2- Invocation written and audio to dissolve ast
contracts. Audio meditation of how to connect with your Goddess
Guide and the meditation known as the Goddess Ceremony where
the Goddess disk is anchored.

Due to the recording being from the live workshop there may be
some background noise.

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