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Earth’s Alignment with Venus with the AndromedansEra of Love

Creation of the Planet Love and embodiment of love consciousness

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Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Venus is known as the planet of love, meaning that the beings of Venus hold a high frequency and strong vibration of love, greater than other civilisations and planets. The purpose of the Earth with the support of humanity in the future is to become a planet of love similar to that of Venus. Beings upon Venus are now stepping forth to support a down pour of love into the Earth and to align the Earth with Venus to aid a transformation of love for Mother Earth and all of humanity. The Andromedans come forth to support, guide and oversee this powerful resonance, alignment and merging of the energies and consciousness of Earth with Venus to create healing, a boost of love for all to experience and expressions of wisdom.

This is a powerful activation and alignment to begin to 2016, bringing great streams of love and light to the Earth and your own consciousness. Creating a momentum of love to continue throughout your reality in 2016. There will be an opportunity to assist the alignment of Earth with Venus, the merging of the Earth with the Venusian love vibration, to experience the energies and healing of Venus, to anchor potent love into the Earth and to aid your own embodiment of love.

The Andromedans are one of the most evolved civilisations working with the Earth now and their energies as well as their teachings and activations will be shared for all to absorb to aid ascension.

Whether you wish to support a planetary shift, wish to enhance your embodiment of love or simply wish to experience waves of love to heal your being, join the Andromedans, Venusians and Natalie for some profoundly love filled experiences for healing and transformation.


Recorded Audio Part 1  with the Andromedans – 1 hour 23mins.

Recorded Audio Part 2  with the Andromedans – 1 hour 23mins.

Recorded Audio Part 3  with the Andromedans – 1 hour 34mins

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