If you are using an iPad or iPhone, being able to download anything that isnt from the iTunes or App store you would require a 3rd party application called Hightail to manage downloads. Hightail can be obtained from the store associated with your mobile device.

Downloads are available as MP3 Recorded Channelling (listen to on your computer or play on your mp3 player) PDF Written Channelling (read on the computer or print to paper). Some downloads such as the Monthly Enlightenment and Earth Healing have both Written and MP3 Voice Recorded Channelling in
each download. The format of your download is stated on the website.
1.Choose the download/s you wish to purchase by browsing the download titles.

2. When you have chosen which feels correct for you, then just click the Add to Basket button, this doesn’t mean that you purchase it straight away. You can add downloads to the basket to see how much they cost in other currencies, then if you aren’t happy you can just click Remove. You can also click the
View Basket button to view the downloads or services you wish to purchase.

3. Please check the quantities of each download you have bought as sometimes clicking twice can mean you buy the download twice but you always have the option of making changes by clicking View Basket.

4. When you are happy with the content of your basket, then you can continue to make your payment. This site is set up for £ GBP but you can pay in EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, and CHF by Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal in the above currencies.

5. You will then receive the option of downloading your purchases instantly and you will be sent an email that confirms your payment and purchases as well as links to download your purchases. Please download your purchases straight away as the link will run out after 48 hours.

6. Downloads are not refundable, but if you do not receive your downloads please just email Natalie with your reference number and the downloads will be forwarded to you via email. If you mistakenly buy the same download twice during one transaction, then you will receive a refund of the duplicated download.
Simply Contact Natalie.

Once you have confirmed your order, you cannot cancel.Please note downloads expire after 48 hours

7. Each download is a capsule of channelled energy and words from light beings on the inner planes. Please treat them with the respect they deserve and know that they are to aid your personal growth. A small charge has been put into place on some downloads to allow Natalie to continue to channel both energy and wisdom to support the ascension of humanity. This Channel is Copyrighted to www.omna.org,

Downloads may not be published in Journals, Magazines, Print, posted on websites or used in workshops as they are intended for personal home use. Permission may be requested at Contact Natalie

8. Please Read
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