Dissolving the Ego Workshop Highlight Package

Highlight Package with Lord Melchizedek

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The meditations and explanations in this package are highlights of the Dissolving the Ego and Discovering the God Presence within Workshop with Lord Melchizedek channelled through Natalie Glasson in London, UK, April 2011.

Lord Melchizedek is the Universal Logos and overseer of the Earth from a universal level. His energies are extremely pure, powerful, wise and loving, holding the Christ light he devotes his energy and love to assisting and guiding others. Lord Melchizedek wishes to help you become more familiar with your ego understanding the balance between and purpose of the ego, soul and mind. He wishes to aid you in understanding your ego, how it is assisting you and how it is
hindering your spiritual growth. The ego can be of negative influence and distraction when one is seeking to discover their truth and unity once more with the Creator. Lord Melchizedek wishes to assist you in surrendering the negative habits, patterns and suffering of the ego to the Creator. To slay your ego is your greatest personal challenge, to do so is to master your mind, to live as a fearless being of light with a focused and clear mind. When the mind is in order, illusions are dissolved and the ego is returned to a state of love, the soul or God self is then able to
emerge and all links with the Creator are formed once more.

Lord Melchizedek, in a 1 hour communication explains the presence of the ego and how we can dissolve the ego in our daily realities.

Four meditations accompany this communication and explanation.

The first meditation assists you in building your protection, balancing your energies and accepting your ascension process on the Earth. 25.06 mins

The second meditation encourages you to acknowledge your mind as a space or sanctuary of peace. 16.54mins

The third meditation permits you time and space to connect with your ego and to speak with your ego, discovering more about the presence of your ego.15.06 mins

The final meditation completes the highlight package from Lord Melchizedek’s workshop allowing you to discover your God Presence within your being drawing it forth into your reality. 20.52mins

It is advisable to listen to Lord Melchizedek’s communication first and then continue with the meditations 2,3,4,5 in this order. You can practice each meditation for as many or as few days as you wish before proceeding to the next.

This Highlight Package has 2h 15mins of channelled from Lord Melchizedek through Natalie

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