Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson - Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

With love I, Archangel Metatron step forward to share my energy and wisdom with you. It is my wish that you know and understand that I am here to support and steer you through the changes and lessons that are anchoring into your reality now as your energies transform into a quicker vibration of light. Many are and in the past have been fearful of change; this fear must now be dissolved completely because it is connected to old energies and unneeded ways of thinking. The presence of change brings with it a renewed energy, greater learning and the chance to explore your magnificent being at a deeper level. Change is a wonderful gift to be embraced and to be cherished. This belief pattern is being rewritten even now within each person and within the consciousness of humanity, which allows for greater spiritual acceleration.

Ascension after all is based upon the presence of change as old energies continue to fall away while energies that you had not acknowledged within you emerge to be embraced. It is important for all to begin to rewrite this belief system within their own consciousness as this will filter into humanity's consciousness. Many people upon the Earth share with me that they feel stuck at this time as if nothing is occurring, this may be appropriate for this time of your journey, but there is also a need to realise that there may be fears of change which you are not addressing. It is important to realise what you wish to occur and then to ask yourself what is stopping you achieve this. Remember that you are a powerful energy being of light that can transform, develop and create anything you desire guided by the will of the Creator whenever you wish. The fear of change is only a fear or doubt in your power, with a lack of
recognition of your abilities. It is important that this belief system is completely dissolved and rewritten as you may then discover that everything begins to evolve and move within your reality as well as opening up the streams of energy within your being. You may simply ask for the belief system of fear of change to be erased completely from your being, energy and consciousness. This will occur, but you may have to be persistent in your efforts to rewrite your belief system remembering that you are achieving this for humanity also.

It is essential at this time to begin to develop your energy and realisation of unity. There is first a need to understand the meaning and qualities that unity can create. Unity is seen as a gathering of energy, people or thoughts that are in agreement with each other existing in harmony. It can also describe a merging, fusion or blending. In many ways this description is true but I am not speaking of encouraging every person to be in agreement with each other but I do wish to encourage you to be in agreement with yourself. Holding the energy of unity and the mindset of unity doesn't necessary refer to your connection with others but could refer to your connection with yourself, your truth and soul. There is a need for you to be happy in your own energy and in your own body. To be in agreement with all the thoughts that you create, project and store as well as being happy with the energies you create, embody and experience. There is a need for contentment in your own being and energy. This is a process of acceptance of yourself as you are now but also a journey of cleansing and healing to recognise yourself beyond the illusions of your mind and your reality. To hold the energy of unity you must first experience the presence and existence of unity between your energy bodies, your mind, heart and soul. This may signify that your soul needs to expand in order to encapsulate your entire being creating a single vibration and aligning everything to the soul. The process of aligning every aspect of your being with your soul is a transformation in itself and can allow for tremendous clearing as the presence of your soul's vibration brings to the surface all unneeded energies while manifesting a greater presence of
Creator love. The ascension process is to bring yourself back into harmony with yourself, to create a greater sense of unity and togetherness within your energy.

When one begins to wish to create unity within their being they are actually beginning to open their awareness to all aspects and energies of their being. They are acknowledging that they are an expansive being of light, wisdom and love but there are some areas of their being that they have lost control over, that they have forgotten or that they have yet to recognise. With a focus on unity and a joining of your energies you begin to become completely aware of your powerful being and are able to align all aspects of your being to work as one energy, this increases your vibration, light quotient and power tremendously, it is the equivalent to achieving a soul merge. Many people focus upon anchoring new higher aspects of their being into their bodies and consciousness in order to ascend, but first there is a need to be connected to all aspects of your energy that are present with you in your current reality, this naturally allows you to realise your strength and much of the wisdom, abilities and guidance that you need is already held within your auric field.

A simple way of achieving this greater connection with yourself is to sit in your soul's energy and to ask or direct the light of your soul to be aligned to all aspects of your being, body and aura, with all unneeded energies coming to the surface to be released. Your soul is completely capable of this without your assistance but the whole purpose is to gain a greater unity of joining of energy so it is important that the energy of your soul and your awareness or sensitivity to what is occurring also merge. By achieving the practice of alignment of the soul with all aspects of your being in meditation you are allowing yourself to become sensitive to the energy of your soul with the transitions it can achieve.

While you create a unity within and with your being you begin to embody the quality of unity. The quality becomes very visible within your energy, influencing your reality and experiences. You may find that you attract people who also have achieved a unity or a complete acceptance of their being. You may feel a greater connection and unity with people around you, strangers and even animals and nature. The quality of unity that you embody will manifest new experiences of feeling at one with everything in your reality and realising all aspect of the Creator as yourself. This quality of unity will also filter into the general mindset and consciousness of humanity, therefore allowing humanity to live in harmony and unison. This doesn't necessary mean that humanity will be in agreement with each other but will accept each other. The presence of unity will develop so much that it will begin to dissolve all belief systems of
separation therefore developing new spiritual ascension experiences for humanity to evolve though. The acceptance of unity within your being, then unity with everything and everyone around you followed by the destruction of the belief system of separation will allow for a greater manifestation of unity with the Creator, which could also be described as a joining with the Creator. This could be seen as one half joining another half or it could be seen as a greater connection within your being which allows for the energy of the Creator you have always held to manifest.

The landmarks of 11-11-11 and 2012 all hold a purpose of joining the consciousness and energy of humanity as one with each other and the Creator but in order for this to occur there is a need to first achieve a unity within your being and an awareness of all aspects of your being. It is my wish to encourage the development of unity within your being as this will assist the development of unity within all therefore, aiding the ascension process of the Earth.

I am always here to guide and light your way forward at this time,

With angelic love,

I am Archangel Metatron

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