Crystalline Unification to Accelerate and Deepen Your AscensionCrystalline Unification to Accelerate and Deepen Your Ascension

Exploring the Crystalline Consciousness and Dimensions

With the Crystalline Consciousness

Online Webinar Course

Channelled through Natalie Glasson
Complete Webinar: Part 1, 2, 3 = £ 28.00
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The Crystalline Consciousness embodies physical crystals upon the Earth. These beings or spirits are born from dimensions within the Creator’s Universe, they are a civilisation and a soul group. Their purpose is to both magnify and purify all aspects, manifestations and forms of the Creator. The Crystalline Consciousness are supporting the Ascension process of the Earth by anchoring their energy and presence into the body of Mother Earth, especially crystals. They can embody a crystal however small or large it physically may be.

The Crystalline Consciousness invites you to their kingdom and dimensions upon the inner planes to be present with them, exploring and embodying their energy. They wish to demonstrate to you how you can use their energetic crystalline vibrations to create healing, transformation and awakening within you being. Supported by the sound of Natalie’s Crystal Singing Bowls and the Crystalline energy channelling into your being, they wish to guide you into new levels of truth, openness, expansion and peace within your being.


Part 1 – Transformation Within and As the Vibration Peace

Accessing the peace vibrations of the Crystalline Consciousness and of your own being, experiencing and embodying these fully as appropriate. Focusing upon the emotional body bringing balance and purifying deep seated emotions which are hindering you accessing peace especially emotionally.

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Part 2 – Anchoring and Magnification of Ascension Codes Within Your Being

Understanding how to use the Crystalline Consciousness to magnify and enhance the light and love vibrations of your being. Creating the most appropriate energy within your entire being to receive Crystalline Consciousness Ascension Codes. Understanding the Ascension Codes anchored, while learning how to activate these and other Ascension Codes so they become actively present within your being, positively integrating with you and impacting your ascension process. The Crystalline Consciousness will share how to activate and magnify your energy thus accelerating your ascension, especially at times of stagnation or confusion.

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Part 3 – Awakening a New Level of Soul – Body Integration

As heaven and the Earth must synthesis, reawakening their original oneness so your body and soul are required to reach new levels of union and blending. The Crystalline Consciousness wish to raise the vibration of your physical body, encouraging your body to transform into higher frequencies of light. A deep reprograming of your physical body will take place. Your soul will be invited in the exquisite Crystalline vibrations to ascend, transform and expand, drawing greater light into its presence. Through a beautiful co-creation with the Crystalline Consciousness your physical body and soul will be encouraged to dance together in a new inspirational unison.

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Join Natalie and the Crystalline Consciousness for a breathtakingly beautiful inspirational and transformational experience.

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