Crystalline ConsciousnessCrystalline Consciousness

The Crystalline Consciousness extends from the inner planes and is an aspect of the Creator’s Universe. The spirits of physical crystals upon the Earth are extensions and aspects of the Crystalline Consciousness. The crystal beings and consciousness are supporting the Earth and humanity in the current stages of ascension. Their energy is tremendously powerful, healing and purifying.

The purpose of this sacred active crystal energy is to aid a deep purification upon the Earth especially within all levels of each person’s existence; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and etheric. The Crystalline Consciousness is also a powerful amplifier of energies and so is creating an intense acceleration of ascension for all as well as magnifying each person’s creations and manifestations.

The Crystalline Consciousness is an essential energy of transformation, magnification and cleansing which supports our anchoring, experience and manifestation of the Era of Love upon the Earth. Through acceptance, embodiment and co- creating with the Crystalline Consciousness you can support the fulfillment of your ascension and remembrance of your Creator consciousness.

Call upon the this sacred crystal energy to heal your being or reality, to purify your energies or a situations, to amplify your positive thoughts and experiences, to enhance your spirityal practices and to create beautiful transformations within your being to support your Ascension.


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